Finding out that she was adopted, Cilo, searches for her birth mother. But when she find out that her half brother is Calum Hood of 5 Second of Summer. She needs help that’s when she meets Tess a huge fan of the band to help find him and when she does life is never the same for either of the girls or the band.


5. Chapter 5 - Clio - Highlights of the Hood family

 Clio POV 

 This is defiantly not how I wanted any of this to happen. I used to picture it when I was younger truthfully. I would meet up with my parents at a nice restaurant and we would laugh and I would instantly feel as if I were part of the family. They would introduce me to their kids and I would go home with them. It would be completely magical. That is not how it happened what so ever.

 "Where do we go now?" Tess whispered in my ear. 

 "Look, You can take the money and get home. You don't have to stay if you don't want to. Thank you for helping me and I'm sorry for dragging you into the chaos that is now my life." I sighed.

 "Wait, you guys aren't from here?" Luke asked. I shook my head and stood up

 "I'll be right back." I walked off to the bathroom and stopped in front of the counter. I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror.

 "What are you doing? Why would you come bother someone who's life was perfectly fine. I just screwed up and entirely perfect family." I  groaned. After a while of talking to myself and convincing myself that I need to calm down, I walked outside and back to the table where they were engulfed in and intense conversation about god knows what. 

 "Hey C, The guys said that they have a place we can stay for the night so we can get things figured out." Tess smiled. 

 "Guys you don't have to do that. Just help me get Tess home safe and I'll be happy." I said. 

 "I know how much you care and all but I didn't come all this way to just turn around and go home without anything. So we are going to take the help we can get and get you to your mom okay. I'm glad you understand." She smiled. 

 "If that's what you want to do." I nodded. 


 Turns out that the place the guys had for us to stay was their place on the couch. I sat with Tess on the couch in silence for a while until Luke walked into the room and sat next to us. 

 "So all of this is just a bit overwhelming to all of us and if we act weird or anything it's anything that you guys did. I couldn't sleep and I wanted to get that out in the open before you guys thought something was up." He said. 

 "Yeah I get it. I mean I just walked up into someone who was living the dream life and shoved a fork in it. I wouldn't blame him if he told me to get out and never come back. Hell I had half a mind to run out of that restaurant while I had the chance. I was so nervous about all of this but I mean take a risk right." I laughed

 We sat there and talked four hours on end about everything under the sun. Luke told stories from his childhood and stories from the tours that they've been on. Tess told secrets and stories. I stayed quiet except fro the occasional comment here and there. Before I knew it the sun was shining through the blinds and no one was even tired. 

 This day started off not so great and ended on the best note if possibly could have. There is nothing that could possibly take this away from me. This is incredible.


 (Hey guys. It's Shelby and I'm sorry that I haven't been posting anything lately. I've been having trouble getting everything back up and running after the flood and everything. I';; try and post as much as ca. I'm sorry that I can't post much but I promise I'm trying. Again I'm sorry.)

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