Love Poems and Love storys

This is all things i either want to write to mason or i have and want to share to the world. There just one thing that I want people to know. I want people to know im in love and its a powerful love... Ig... I love other people yes but. I dont know how i love them just yet. i want to find why i love them and how much i do but with mason i know so many reasons how so i want to keep this up and love him tell the end one way or another


1. Count Up Not Down

people tell me to just count down the days tell the end but i dont want to count down. no not with you i want to count up. I want to count every day we have together. Ever time we talk. Everytime we make each other smiles. Lets count up how many times we make eaaach other sad. It makes us stronger counting up right. RIGHT. Lets count up lets just keep counting up. Lets not stop counting up. Lets count up tell the end. I hate counting down. That just means that you will have a start number that you leave from. Like counting down from 10 but i want to count up from 10 if we do that 10 will one day be 11 or even 12 lets keep going. Lets count up 5 months now 6 now 7. Lets keep going 2 years now 4 wow how counting up with you fills me. Can I keep going <3
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