Are you Calums dream come true?


2. Who are you?

I had to go to the guidance counsellor. only one problem I had no idea where it was and ashton had to go to the dentist. So he left me in the hands of Calum the average height one. I was trying to be cool because he was really good looking like fit af! On the way to the counsellors office I almost tripped and faced planted the floor I thought he didn't see me but he obviously did cause I heard him do a cute little giggle. 

When we arrived at the counsellors office it was a bit awkward. "so here you are this is the guidance counsellors office have fun,  see ya later" he walked away. I couldn't help but stare and neither could the counsellor stare at me all starry eyed and goofy. #Embarrassing

"Miss Y/N" she said and snapped me out of my state of mind. "yes, sorry I'm late hi" I say sitting in the chair opposite her chair. "so your an honour student, set to get a's across the board we are very pleased to have you" she was holding a brown paper file that had my name on it.

she put it away in the filing cabinet and pulled out a piece of paper. "this is your schedule don't worry if you get lost or a late today its your first day don't worry, if you have any problems or questions just come speak to me my doors always open!"

So I found myself back in a lonely corridor or at least I thought I was alone then I heard a familiar voice. "Did you get you timetable?" I hear ashton say. "why yes I do , wanna look" I hand him the paper.



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