Are you Calums dream come true?


1. The new girl in town

My first day at a new school. it should be okay. Ashton will be there to help you. He has been your best friend for the last fifteen years and your in all his classes. today will be fine.Any way what could go wrong?

"Hey Y/N" I spot Ashton walking over to me, he said he'd meet me to walk to school so I didn't feel lonely. "Hey" I reply in a nervous tone. "you nervous?" he could clearly tell there's nobody that know me better than him of course he knew I was nervous. I suddenly realise that he's not walking alone there's two other guys walking with him. A taller lankier looking boy with dirty blonde hair and looks about twos older than us and a average height but still taller than Ashton with dark hair with blonde streaks in the front. they both greeted me but I didn't really reply with real words that made no sense at all. the walk to school was longer than I expected which just added to the amazing conversation that none of us were having but we eventually arrived.

I felt completely out of place. everyone was staring at me like everyone. it doesn't help that I started a new school half way through the year. thanks mum and dad love you to!

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