More Then Us

"Austin my first love, who was here one day and then gone the next. I remember not understand why he had just gone, no goodbyes, same with his family; it like they were never here. I had always been the four of us, I, Holly, Mandy, and Austin. From first grade all the way up to the summer after freshman. I and Austin had started going out at the end of freshman year. Then about a year after, he disappeared I got this postcard all it said was “una pequeña muestra de mi amor - Austin” witch means a small token of my love; Austin. It was the only one I got, no return address or anything. It’s been years sence the last time I had seen him."


2. Morning Thanks

            I woken by the smell of muffins and hot tea.

            "Good morning, darling!"

            "Morning, Mom"

            "Morning my ladies!" said Jess as he kissed mom on the top of the head.


            "Are you already?" asked my mom

            "Yes!" I could not help but smile.

            "We leave in an hour, make sure the girls know." said Jess

            "Thank you, for letting them come." I said more to Jess then my mother.

            "Your welcome," he said "hug?" he is always asking for hugs.

            I think it's his way of showing me that he cares about me. Maybe one day we can get to a point where he doesn't have to ask. I step out of bed and hug him. I could see a smiling on my mother's face. We shared smiles as they left, I pick up the phone and called Holly and Mandy on the two-way line.

            "You guys ready?" I asked now I couldn't stop smiling. Not only because of the trip but because of where the trip is; my postcard had come from there. And I had traced the card back to the shop where it there sold.

            "Yup!" said Mandy.

            "Nope, I need to pack my hairbrush and grab my cell charger and..." said Holly.

            "Holly, we leave in less than an hour!"

            "I know, I know!" she said "I'm getting them right now"

            We talked for a few more seconds before leaving to get ready for the day. I slipped Austin's postcard into my sketch book then into my take on bag. The postcard is the only thing I never shared with them, Mandy and Holly; it was my last piece of him, Austin, and I wanted him all to myself and myself alone. 


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