Dear Sister,

There's a lot we haven't said in these years that we haven't spoken. How are you, in these years we haven talked? Do you think about all the times we had, as I often do? Are there instances where you wish I was there to get through live, as much as I do?

Do you even remember?


5. Mindsets

On the second afternoon you messaged me. I remember this because out of all the platform I had blocked you off, you could still call or text me. At that time I had this mentality that if you really wanted this friendship to work, you would try all means. That was the wrong mindset I realized, but I still have it now. We had this heated debate about this incident. I told you about all my problems, and you countered that it should not be the blame for my actions. You said that god would never want me that way, and that I shouldn’t describe myself as the worst of. And no matter what I said, you just refused to stand in my shoes. You wouldn’t even listen to what I had to say. Maybe you didn’t care. Perhaps it was me that had fault and that was how it would and should remain. I just held that silent hope that one day you would have the heart to see things from a different point of view.


It’s April 16 and I really want a friend that I can pour my heart to. I still hold the same mentality and I've missed a week of school. I realized that a week can really change people. Significant events have passed, and the semester is finally ending. At this point of time I'm really confused. Barely a week I have missed and so much has changed. I can't seem to catch up with these changes and there's so many mixed feelings and emotions. You don’t care but it’s still April 16 and I need a friend that I can pour my heart to.

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