we can't stop|| lrh

lainie was a party girl.
luke wasn't.
is change always possible?


1. 1

Lainie's P.O.V

I sat in the back of the empty classroom. My feet in the middle, and my eyes on my phone. It was Friday, and I had a party to go to. I had a dumb detention for skipping class again, but they wanted someone to come in and talk with me. It's probably some nerd, or like a geek. The door opened. Mr. Troyler came in with a blond boy holding a bunch of books. He has a pair of glasses on top of his head, and was struggling with the books. He was kinda cute, but he was a nerd. I can't fall for those. "Ms. Hale, this is Luke. He'll be hanging out with you until four." Blondie smiled. "Okay, cool. Bye." I slid my phone in my back pocket and put my legs under the table. "Alright. Don't uh, have sex on the tables. They are newly cleaned." I laughed. "I have condoms." He shook his head. "Inappropriate, Ms. Hale. Can you trust you Hemmings?" Blondie nodded. "Great. Goodbye." Luke put the books down. "Thanks. Bye," Blond hesitated. "Dad." Troyler left and I gave a disgusted look to the boy. "That's your dad?" He rolled his eyes. "Stepdad. My mum is the math teacher here." I knew he looked familiar. "Aw, your little Hemmings?" He blushed. "I'm 16." I laughed. "17. You're a junior here?" He shook his head. "Norwest Christian College. Up the street." Pretty boy must had a few dollars bucks because it's a fortune to work there. Wonder why his parents work here. "I missed football practice for this, so let's start." I saw the adidas bag by his feet. "I hope you know you aren't a tutor, big shot." He bit his lip. "I know. I'm just a..." I cut him off "A problem." His smiled faded. "That, I guess. My dad said you are a good writer when you are in school." While I was "in school". Dear god, this kid probably thinks I'm a monster. "Supernatural fanfiction doesn't count..." He looked up from the books. "What?" I shook my head. "Nothing." He coughed. "Well, I brought 3 books." I looked down to what he was holding. The books "To kill a mockingbird", "Great Gatsby" and "Harry Potter" were on the desk in front of him. "What's the mockingbird book?" He put the other books away and flipped through the pages. "It's about fitting in and recluses and stuff. It's really good. Great figurative writing in there." I took it from his hands. "I'll read it. Can you just let me go? I have a party to go to." He put his glasses in his bag. "I don't know-" I put my hand on his. "Come on, you wouldn't wanna be late for party, would you?" He turned pink. "I don't really go to parties, a lot." I saw him look upset. "Hey, how about you come tonight?" I ripped out a piece of paper from my notebook and wrote down the address. "I really don't know..." He stammered. "Oh, come on! It'll be fun! Bring your friends, if you uh," He cut me off. "I have friends. And I could still make soccer, so I'll see you tonight." He gave me a faint smile. "See you tonight." I grabbed his chin and I kissed his lips. His eyes grew wide. "Oh, um, oh my god-" He mumbled as I walked over to the door. "Bye." I waved and began to walk out the door. "Bye." He mumbled, grabbing his books, eyes still wide. Tonight is gonna be interesting.

Luke's P.O.V

We just met and she kissed me. KISSED ME. I grabbed my books and ran out of the school. I ran all the way to the football field, and saw Calum. "Hey, you showed up." He laughed, then giving me a confused look. "You have lipstick on your lips. Is that like one of your new things?" I laughed. "Nope," I wiped my lips, spreading red marks on my arms. "I was kissed by a girl, and she invited me to her party. You can come, and I need to ask Mike and Ash." Calum laughed. "Are you sure? You aren't good at parties." I looked at the ground. "Well, I hate parties to be honest, But she's pretty." Calum sighed. "Whatever. Come on, we gotta run drills." I just ran my fingers through my hair and ran down the field.

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