Cinderella story

cinderella with a twist


2. 8 years later

                    ''Ella!'' can you come here for a moment? I need to talk to you!'' I heard my dad calling me and i rushed through our mansion trying to find him. "Daddy! i cant find you, i told you this house was too big!" " Ella baby, I'm in the 3rd kitchen on the left in the 9th hallway 5th floor." " see, too big!" i teased, but seriously i need a map in the 1, 279 sq ft house and we were talking over our brand new iPhone 11Q's which weren't even out to the public yet, we couldn't her each other if we just yelled. finally i found my dad and plopped down at the island beside him. "so what did you wanna talk about?" i asked." well... i..i...well i met this woman last night at the meeting and i was wondering if it would be OK if i asked her to dinner? i know your still morning your mother but this is what she would've wanted, i know. " my dad kept rambling giving me terrible excuses. "Daddy, its OK calm down! sure you can go out with this woman, she seems very nice and will be good for us." " oh, OK thanks!" my dad grinned at me , pecked on the cheek and then left calling over his shoulder something like he'd be back, he was going to call her. i smiled secretly to myself before heading back to my room. i kept getting lost, my dads job had moved him to l.a. and so we had bought this house on the water overlooking a privet beach. sure it was beautiful and we had enough money, this house had hardly dented our bank account, it was only $3.7 billion. but we just didn't need it, after all there was only two of us, oh and my cats, jade and mocha. my mom gave their mother to me on my 7th b-day right before she passed away but she now lives with our grandparents in Florida. Her name is jasmine she's an orange tabby. The kittens were born two years ago and so i got to keep them! jades a silver tabby with a white stomach, white socks, a white mouth and white around her jade green eyes. the tip of her tail and ears fade into black. her sister mocha is all black except for her eyes which match her sisters. They're my only friends right now. I haven't met anyone yet and all my old friends are in Toronto, where we use to live. 


  The lady my dad met is coming over for dinner in less then 3 hours and shes bringing her daughters who are the same age as me! Yay a chance for new friends, twins none the less! I rush to my room to get ready. My dad says its just a normal dinner, nothing too fancy so i grab a cute light blue skater dress from Dior and slip on some black suede high heeled platform booties from Gucci and match it with a black leather bag from Prada. I put on a gold necklace with an African purple-blue tanzanite gemstone at the bottom and gold earrings as well as some gold and blue diamond bangles on my wrists. I curl my waist length honey blond hair into beachy waves and finish with a quick spray of no1 Chanel. For my makeup i just put some mascara, blue eyeliner and some blush and lipstick. My nails are already painted in a french manicure so I just added some blue diamond studs on the tips. I did a once over in my full length mirror before getting into the elevator by my room and heading downstairs. Were eating in the sun room dining room today, its ceiling and walls are all glass and the inside wall has a waterfall running down it into the pond at the bottom. I'm early so I head into the 1,080 sq ft library and read my book. It's so good, I just adore the author and when i told my daddy last year he took me to meet her! She signed all my books she wrote and i have every single one! 
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