we all know the nerd and the queen b dont date, right?


1. 1

Payton pov

I pass a guy in the hall and I don't even have to look, i already know who it is.Dylan, our schools nerd, but I could tell behind all his nerdiness there was a really cool guy, one I'd like to meet plus I could tell he was really cute/hot if only he'd wear better clothes and messed up his hair, I mean I sorta actually like his glasses, after all they were an extremely cute pair of ray-bans, just like the ones I had been wanting to get my brother for Christmas. I'd known him since kindergarten seeing as we've gone to the same school as each other our whole lives. What school would that be? Rockport. Oh you know just the most famous private school in all of Canada, if not the world, the one that everyone wants into but only a few actually get in, as in only 600 kids go here and it's from j.k -gr.12 amazing I know, but also it costs 55 000 a year to go here, a lot of money right? Well not for me. Anyways ,I think as I look down, I doubt Dylan even knows I exist seeing as he seems pretty caught up being nerdy all the time. If I could've I would probably ask him out but don't tell anyone that I have a little crush on him cause we all know that the most popular girl in the school and the nerd don't date.

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