All In Your Head

These are just random short stories that can creep you out or entertain you... Or both. But they are pretty dark and they have a lot of detail. So be aware of sexual content, disturbing stories, horrific images.


1. The Grass

I watched as the light slowly faded from the crack between the door and the frame. I held my breath as one of the guards slowly marched by with his rifle in hand. I moved my head slowly to look to the barbed wire fence across the field of grass and dandelions. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears, it felt like my head could explode at any moment. I pushed away the thought of my brains on the pavement and imagined what the breeze felt like on my injured skin. I could almost feel the blades of grass between my toes, soothing my cracked and bloody feet. My vision was interrupted by the guard passing once again and stopping in front of the door with a yawn.

A tap on my shoulder tore my attention away from the door and I turned my head to look over my shoulder, Gene stood a few feet away from me. Her hair was short and curly, it was all black with gray strands. There were bags under her wise old blue eyes, which were staring into mine. “What are you doing?” She demanded as quietly as she could. I set my finger too her chapped lips and looked through the crack to see the guard had disappeared. She pushes my hand away and turns me so I look at her. “You know we can’t be up here during the night!” 

“Sh! He might hear you!” I whisper to her then grasp her hand and pull her down the dim lighted hallway. I peak around the corner to see one of the men in a white suit sitting at a chair with his head back and loud snores coming from his mouth. I hold her hand tightly as I cross the hallway and into the next, hunched over slightly with my eyes flickering towards everything. We finally come to a metal door and we both hurry inside and shut the door carefully. It locks behind us and we both sit down next to a large hole in the floor. 
Gene grabs my face and turns me to her, “what were you doing?” She demanded again. I stared down at my hands, I examined my cracked and wrinkled palms.

“Don’t you ever wonder what’s on the other side of that door? Don’t you wonder if maybe… Maybe everything is over? Maybe it’s time we leave…” I continue staring at my hands for a moment then turn to look at Gene. Her eyes staring into the black hole in the floor, she was in deep thought. It wasn’t a good thing when she is in deep thought because she gets upset… very upset. I move away from her slowly and stand up. “Gene?” 

Her chest begins to heave and I move to the other side of the wall to give her space. “Gene? You need to keep breathing. Slowly. Just stay calm… it’s okay.” I try to soothe her. I heard what the men in the white suits said about Gene, how she got here. I heard her baby had died and so she became depressed and one day her husband went off on her about how she needs to forget about the baby.

But she had forgotten about the baby, so he was saying all these things that happened but it just made her upset because she didn’t know what he was talking about. She attacked him and killed him, she doesn’t remember that either. She has attacked one of the girls in the bathroom because they pointed out her scars. She didn’t remember how she got them and again… became upset. She was put in the hospital and I think she moved away.

She’s never attacked me before… not yet at least. I’ve usually been careful about what I say to her. I pull myself up and look at the hole, if I have to I might have to jump in it. I’ve never been in the hole before. I’m too scared to check. “Gene? Please get up? Everything is fine. There is nothing to worry about.” Her eyes shot up to me and her jaw clenched. 

“What door? What’s over?” Her eyes wandered the room. She began to tremble as she stood up. “Where am I? What am I doing here?” She began to panic and spinning around as she looked at the concrete walls and floor. Straight into the hole, I didn’t want to get in her way because I’m no match for her. She starts to stumble and she looks to me, her breath catches in her throat. “You!” Her hands drop to her side and her hands turn to fists as she glares at me. Her body trembling as she takes a step towards me. “You put me here!”

“Gene! Sh! Please? You have to be quiet or they’ll catch us!” I whisper to her and her eyes widen. I step around the hole, trying to avoid getting close to her. “Please Gene? Step out of it.” I begged as I watched her. Her chest was heaving, with one quick movement she tackled me to the ground. I tried to keep quiet as I fell to the ground. She was screaming by now and I tried to keep her quiet. “Gene!”

“Murderer! You killed her! You killer! I hate you!” she was screaming as she scratched and hit me. I could hear the alarm going off and I wrestled her to the ground. Both us were yelling by now and breathing heavily. She bit and lived and scratched me as I tried to keep her down. She pushed me over, I caught myself, realizing I’m right over the hole. My heart was pounding in my chest as I could feel the emptiness under me, my hands clinging to the edges. 

“Gene! Please stop? No!” She tackled me. I felt her nails scratch up my chest, I watched as blood trickled down her lip. My hands let go of the edge…and I fell…down the dark hole. 

I couldn’t feel anymore pain, I couldn’t feel the now bleeding claw marks on my chest. My feet and hands were numb. Everything was replaced with darkness. It was quiet, peaceful, calm. Was I dead? Did she kill me? I couldn’t have fallen asleep? It was too comfortable. I’ve never had a dream like this. Maybe I am dead. It sounded like I could hear voices somewhere in the distance.

I could hear my name being called, it was a woman’s voice somewhere in the darkness. “Jared? Jared? Can you hear me? I need you to open your eyes…” I looked around, I couldn’t see anything. So I began to run. I didn’t feel any thing, not even the ground. Like I was running through air, it was weird because I couldn’t see any of my body. But I knew I was running. Wasn’t I? “Jared? Honey? Come back to me!”

“Huh? Where are you? Where am I?” I screamed into the darkness, but I couldn’t hear anything. Not even an echo. “Hello? Can you here me?” I shouted, but no answer.
“Jared! No! No! Stop! Oh my god!” Suddenly a loud crack sounded somewhere around me, I began to shake and fell over. It was still dark but it seemed like where ever I was, it was shaking. Like there was an earthquake. “No! Jared-“ The voice stopped abruptly. I had stopped shaking, but now I was trembling. I was scared, I don’t know what happened. What happened?

“Hello?” I called out. Suddenly I jerked awake, but I wasn’t awake, it looked like a dream. But so vivid, but it was almost… wavy? I was on my back and Gene was on me, still attacking me. In pushed her over and held her down as she screamed. I could here footsteps coming down the hall so I covered her mouth, and her nose. She squirmed, her body arching and her feet kicking at my stomach. 

I couldn’t feel it. I held her there, I could feel a smile grow on my face as I watched her eyes stare upon at me in terror. I watched in terror. What was I doing? Stop! Stop it! You are killing her! I tried so hard to pull myself away, her eyes closed but I kept holding her there. “Let her go!” I screamed at myself but I just held her there. 

Men burst through the door and pulled me off of Gene. I watched myself as I screamed in anger, blood all over my chest as I fought back and tried to get back to Gene. As I was pulled out of the room two other men ran into the room and over to her body. The old woman lie there, limp as a dead bird in the grass. 
Everything went dark again, then another dream almost as vivid as this one appeared in front of me. A woman was lying on the bed in front of me, her naked body was half covered by a blanket, splattered in blood. Her chest was ripped open by what looked like a knife. I turned to see a child lying on the floor on its stomach. A puddle of blood by it and I was kneeling over it. My eyes were wide and I was staring at the woman's body. I was chuckling. 

I watched in horror. “No! No! This can’t be! No!” I was screaming as I backed up, suddenly I fell over. And the picture changed back to the first vivid dream. 
I watched myself as I fought my way out of their arms, slamming one of the men against the wall and biting the other guy's neck. Biting out a chunk of his neck and he let go as he feel to the ground. Alarms were going off as I began running away from the room and through the halls. A red light was blinking every few feet as I came to the door. Wide open for me.

The grass. The dream faded and there I was, standing on the grass. The breeze on my face, my bald head exposed to the air, the blades of grass between my toes. The fence only a few feet away. It was peaceful here, quiet. The stars shone brightly above me, the moon was covered by a cloud. It was so beautiful. 

A sharp pain spread through my chest, the alarms came back to me. The red lights were blinking and I was standing at the doorway. A guard was standing in front of me with a gun pointed at me. I looked down slowly to my chest, my light blue t-shirt was turning an almost dark purple color. 
I fell to my knees, staring out at the outside world. The grass lightly billowing back and forth. Back and forth.


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