A Fuzzy Feeling (Hope It's Not Determination)

Avenir is a skeleton, but she is strong. She's a warrior. She uses requipping magic, which is storing weapons and armor in a different dimension until you need them and it takes only a few seconds to get them. Her stone heart has never been penetrated, will it ever be?


1. Chapter 1

    Today felt different. I don't know how to explain the feeling, but it just felToday felt t different. Almost as if there is someone here that shouldn't be.
   I heard some footsteps and my head snapped in that direction. The bush started rustleing and I became curious. I tilted my head and my turquoise bangs fell into my face. I drew my sword and made my way to the shrubbery. 
    There were two black eyes with white pupils. That's when I knew exactly who it was. I put my sword back into it's holster and put my hands on my hips. 
    "Sans. What do you want?" I asked, irratated. He sighed and stood up, dusting off his worn out blue jacket he always wore. 
    "Well, you caught me. I was looking for Papyrus, I thought maybe he was training with you or something." He explained. I arched an eyebrow.
    "Uh huh. Sure you were. What are you really here?" I asked. He smirked and put his arm around me.
    "What? I can't see my girl for no reason?" He asked while nuzzling into my neck...bone...spine..I'm not so sure what to call it. 
    I stiffened up. He didn't feel that way a while ago. I remember it like it was yesterday....


     "Nice block Avey!" Papyrus called. I swung my sword and attacked full force.
    "Don't EVER call me that!" I shouted. Papyrus stumbled to stay on his feet after that hit. I requipped to an axe and ran at him. He blocked almost every attack. Key word, almost. I attacked and landed a hit, right on his shoulder. 
   "Ah!" He screamed. I dropped my axe and ran to him. 
    "S-sorry." I muttered while feeling his splintered shoulder bone.
   "Don't worry, I wasn't paying attention.  Teaches both of us a leason, stay focussed, it can be the death of us." I nodded and helped him up. 
   "Now, who's ready for spaghetti? You can come over to my house. You don't live far." He offered. I cringed at the thought of his spaghetti.  
   "I'll pass." I said while sending my axe back to the dimension where I keep my weapons.
   "Please Avenir! There's someone who wants to meet you, my brother. Plus, I need you to see how I've improved!" He begged. I sighed and nodded. 


     I entered their home. It was cozy, kinda. The walls were orange and there was a blue carpet covering the oak wood. 
   "Wait here. I'll get the spaghetti." He lefted. My eye socket began twitching. 
   "Who are you?" I heard a deep voice ask from behind me. It sent a shiver down my spine. I turned around to see a short skeleton wearing a worn out blue jacket, a white shirt, gym shorts and slippers. 
   "I'm Avenir. You must be Papyrus's younger brother." I said while trying to smile. It's hard to smile when you know that Papyrus is coming back with spaghetti HE made. The short skeleton frowned. At that moment, I knew I fucked up. 
    'Was it something I said?' I asked myself. 
     "I'm his..older brother." He rubbed in between his eye sockets. My cheek bones heated out of embarassment and revealed a turqouise blush. 
    "I-I'm sorry, you're just-" 
   "Short. I know." He cut me off with a sad tone and went to go back up the stairs.
   "Nice meeting you, I guess."  Quickly I came up with a save. And it was a good one.
   "No!" He turned around. 
   "I say that because you look waaay younger than him. Kinda..hotter." I lied. He smirked.
   "Are you flirting with me?" I've literally lied myself into a corner. He pinned me to the wall with his arms on both sides of my head. I quickly recouperated.
   "Are you?" I asked. His eye sockets widened and a blue blush coated his cheek bones. He tried to act cool again.
   "Nah. I was just messin' with ya." He said. I crossed my arms and glared at him.
   "You're cool. I like you." He said. I stopped him before he could leave.
   "Didn't get you're name." I said sternly. He smirked.
   "Sans." He winked. I shot a glare at him as he made his way up the stairs. 
   'Wow. He's gonna get annoying.' I thought to myself as I walked around the living room area. I was a little bit shaken up from that...unpleasent encounter. 
   "I HAVE RETURNED!" I heard the obnoxious voice of Papyrus, something I really didn't want to hear right now. I turned around, a false smile on my face. 
   "Greeaatt..." I said nervously. He tilted his head as he saw San's door shut.
   "Did you finally meet my brother?" He asked. I nodded.
   "Sadly." I said. He set the probably horrible spaghetti down and put his hands on his hip bone. 
   "What happened?" He asked. I shook my head.
   "Nothing. To uncomfortable to even think about." He huffed.
   "Come on. Tell your old friend Papyrus." He drilled. I rolled my eyes.
   "I've only known you for a week." I glared. I eventually gave in.
   "Fine. I accidentally called him your younger brother and I thought that because he's short. He knew it too. So, I tried to save it but ended up lying to his face by calling him hot." I explained. When I turned to look at Papyrus, he was holding in laughter and was turning orange.
   "You can laugh. I already know I screwed up." With that he burted out laughing.
   "So, you lied to him." He stopped to wipe tears from his eye sockets.
   "But where did the uncomfortable part come in?" He asked while calming down.
   "He pinned me to the wall and started flirting with me." I said monotonously. Papyrus gave a shocked gasp and stood up. He made his way up the stairs and knocked on San's door. He opened the door and looked at Papyrus with a bored look.
  "Can I help you?" He asked in an irritated tone.
   "Is that really how you treat our guests?!" Papyrus asked angrilly. Sans smirked and looked behind him to see me on the stairs.
   "She flirted with me first." He said smuggly. My eyesockets widened and I jumped up from where i was sitting.
   "I did not!" I shouted defensively. He shrugged.
    "Say what you want, you're the one who called me hot." I was fuming at this point. Sure, I knew it was true, but i only said that so I didn't hurt his feelings. 
   "You know what, I only said that so I wouldn't hurt you! I did think you were his younger brother because you were short!" I confessed rather loudly. He pointed a finger at me.
   "Ah ha! I knew you thought I was short!" He said. I crossed my arms angrilly. 
    "Everyone thinks you're short!" I shouted. I shot a glare at him and he glared back.
    "Who wants spaghetti?!" Papyrus exclaimed while holding the pot up, trying to break the glaring game up.

    Little did I know, that I was going to see more of this annoying small skeleton. A lot more.

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