Chasing Time (ON HOLD)

This story is about a girl named felicity who invents a time machine and accidentally sends it back I the 1700s. She never expected It to come back but it did and brought something that would change her life forever.


2. Questions Answered


*Rose's point of view*
"Who are you?! What am I doing here?! What happened?"I was just walking to get some bread when all of a sudden a metal... Cylinder appeared. Of course I picked it up but as soon as I did that I got moved to another place! William will be so disappointed if I do not get back to cook dinner in time... I start looking around the room when I see some sort of candle in the ceiling. I must be in a castle room but this whole area looks very strange. I look at the girl sitting on the bed but quickly avert my eyes. She is wearing less than underwear!! I must have fought her changing. Then the strange girl started speaking.
"Okay, calm down and let me answer some of your questions. First off, I am Felicity, and no I am not naked this is how people dress it's called a tank top and jeans. Second, you aren't really supposed to be here but I'm really glad you are because you brought back my time machine. The metal thing you were holding? That's it which sort of explains the third question; you are in Minnesota which is in the USA if you didn't know in the year 2016. I invented a time machine but it started when I didn't want it to and you must have found it. Can I ask you a couple of questions? I know you are sort of in shock but this is like, really amazing."
"You may. However, I-I wanted to ask you why you said 'like' in a place where it didn't really belong." I am so confused! 2016? The way people talk is very peculiar. And women wear pants without getting scolded? And from what I have seen, there is no such thing as modesty anymore. 
"Ok question 1. Where exactly are you from? Number 2, when are you from? Número 3 what's your full name? 
Number 4 how old are you and what is the amount of education you have revived?" 
"Wow you have many questions you would like me to answer. To answer your first question I live by the new Buckingham House.  I live in the year 1705  and my name is Elizabeth Rose Brown. I am 17 and I have gotten a very full education. I learned how to dance very well and I can so anything you ask me too. I am also a marvelous cook." Felicity must be extremely impressed! 
"I wasn't really talking about that kind of education but-" She stopped talking for a minute and I heard footsteps. She must have as well because she shoved me in the closet and told me to be quiet. 

*Felicity's point of view*
I was about to finish answering her comments when I heard footsteps on the stairs outside my room. 
"Oh no it's my mom! She can't know your in here!! Quick, go in the closet and please don't make a sound!!!"
"Oh, ok I'll be in here then" she ran off and went in the closet. Just as soon as I sat down my mom came in. 
"HI mom! What are you doing up here?" Man I don't think I can sound more nervous. 
"Oh I was just checking on you. I heard you talking." 
" oh I was just talking to... A person from school! I am doing a book report with them! Now I am working really really hard on this drawing so could I please have some privacy?" 
"Sure honey whatever you like. I'm going to go to the store soon we don't have any milk for tomorrow." 
"Ok mom bye! And have fun at the store!!!" Wow that wax awkward. I waited for a bother minute or so to make sure the coast is clear. 
" you can come out now!" She walked out of the closet and stood in the center of my room. "Alright first off, I need to get you changed into something more... Modern. Here let me get you some clothes. You look about the same size as me.." I walk over to the closet and pick out a pretty modest outfit; a baggy blur long sleeve shirt with some leggings and ugg boots. I also got her undergarments because she probably didn't have the right kind.. "Okay put this on. And don't worry I won't look but I can help you if you need." 
"Ok but is this all I need to put on?" 
" yep now hurry before my mom comes back." I turned around and shut my eyes waiting for her to finish changing. It took about 10 minutes but I finally heard her say done so I turned around. She had finally gotten the clothes on and all of them in the correct places. 
" I feel naked" she said with her arms over her chest. 
"Don't worry, you look great." Now, let's get you walking right."
Woof I'm done writing this! Okay so I know that I'm not a very good writer but I'm hoping this will sort of helping. 
QOTD: what is your favorite outfit to wear?

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