Won't Stop Loving You.

"This doesn't change anything" I whispered as I held her right hand "I won't stop loving you."


3. 3

Ashton's POV

We finished the show and ran off stage to our dressing room. It usually takes the crowd a while to pile out so I'll have a quick shower.

After I got out of the shower and got into a clean pair of skinny jeans and a t shirt I walked to the side of the stage to see if anyone was still milling around. Tyler was the one person left.

I was getting butterflies. I'm gonna ask her out. If she has a boyfriend at least I won't be left wondering.

Oh god she's waving. Fuck Ash what're you doing wave back.

"Hey so why exactly did you want me to wait for you?" She asked sitting on the edge of the stage next to me.

"Umm I'm just gonna be straight with you I like you, I know I don't know you all that well but you seem like an awesome chick. Would you like to go on a date with me?" I looked anywhere but at her I was so nervous. "Unless you already have a boyfriend you probably do." I added after she didn't answer.

"Are you kidding me right now? Of course I will I mean I'm getting married on Saturday but I'm free Friday." She smiled


"I'm kidding! I'm single and yeah I'll go on a date with you." She smiled up at me.

"Oh." I sighed "Ok cool." I smiled and giggled. I'm so glad she said yes.

"Ash!" I heard someone yell.

I turned around to see Calum standing at the stage wing.

"Oh hey. Umm Ash we gotta go now." He said.

"Yeah ok just give me a sec." I yelled back and he nodded and walked away again.

He'll probably ask me about Tyler later.

"So umm can I please have your number?" I asked awkwardly.

"Yeah sure, have you got your phone?" She asked.

Shit no I forgot it. Aghhhh I'm such a dumb ass.

"No but I have a sharpie." I say pulling it out of my pocket and handing it to her. She smiled at me and took it off me before writing it up my forearm.

"Well I better get going now bye." She smiled hopping off the stage as did I.

"Nuh uh I wanna hug first" I pouted and she giggled and hugged me.

"I'll text you tomorrow" I say and we part our ways.


Hey guys! Sorry these chapters are kinda crappy and short I promise once Ash gets with someone (not necessary Tyler) shit will go down. Like, favourite and comment what you think if you wanna.

- C xx

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