Won't Stop Loving You.

"This doesn't change anything" I whispered as I held her right hand "I won't stop loving you."


2. 2

Ashton's POV

I watched as security took her phone off her and took her around the side of the stage and sent her up the steps.

I stared in awe at her beauty. Damn she's so amazing. (A/N sorry another song reference I had too)

I've being staring too long she's now hugged all the other boys and was walking over to me. I opened my arms and hugged her tight.

"Tyler right?" I asked already knowing the answer, of course it was her she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

"Yeah, you remembered?" She had to yell for me to be able to hear her

"Yeah of course, anyway come up here with me. What songs can you play?" I asked her walking back up to my drum kit.

"All of your songs." She replied smiling shyly. She has such a cute smile. Snap out of it Ash she probably has a boyfriend.

"Really? That's awesome! What song do you wanna play?" I asked

"Umm... Money please" she said more as a question the statement.

"Yeah course" I giggled.

I passed her my drumsticks and she smiled as she took them from me and sat down at the drum kit.

I sat on the step next to the drum kit and watched her as she played.

Let me just say, she was totally punk rock. She was so good. Maybe even better then me.

When they finished she looked at me and I smiled as I got up and hugged her again.

"That was awesome!" I screamed but not too loud considering I had a mic.

She blushed and looked down at her feet.

"Thanks" she smiled.

"Alright you guys stop flirting we've gotta finish the show." Michael teased

"Shut up Mickey" I rolled my eyes.

"Thank you so much." Tyler said again and started to walk off stage.

Come on just ask. I took a deep breath.

"Wait at the front of the stage after the show please?" I asked her after i turned off my mic.

She smiled and nodded as she walked down the steps.


Hiiiii Wherever You Are. Again with the song references I know I'll run out eventually. Thanks for reading like, favourite and comment what you think I you wanna.

- C xx

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