Our Secret

that day when they met there was something between them. Something real and true connection. Finding the one isn't never easy. Even when you find her/him.


2. two


"I missed you." She said as her cheeks turned red when i wrapped my arms around her pulling her inside my new apartment. "Did you?" I ask smiling to her. "Yeah, who is going to make me laugh when Amber starts to blabber." she said. "Then i guess you just need to come and see me." I said kissing her cheeks. She moved her head crashing her lips against mine. I sat on the sofa and she moved to my
Lap and messed my hair and running her fingers through it. "You know since i was fourteen i had this secret crush on you." She said kissing my yawn. "Really?" I asked surprised. "Yeah. You were always kind,you made me laugh and you are absolutely handsome." She said kissing my neck. "Well i didn't see that coming. I remember how it felt weird that i was eighteen and i had feelings towards someone so young. And as you grew up. Gosh.you drive me crazy." I tell her honestly as i move my head placing my lips to hers slipping my tongue inside her sweet mouth. After a while we pull away."really? You liked me since i was awkward fourteen years old?" She asked blushing. "How could i not? You were so cute and bit shy and smart.honestly you are the most interesting girl i have ever met. And totally the best kisser." I spoke kissing her again feeling her smiling to the kiss. "I wish, i could tell everyone about us." She said resting her head to my shoulder. "I had to lie to Amber again. Soon she is going to suspect things. " she said."yeah.i wish it could be easier." I said kissing her forehead.

~Bianca's point of view~ 

The thing what i liked the most about Ace was how calm and gently he was. And how he showed his feelings to me. Soft kisses to my fore head drove me crazy. He drove me crazy. But i hated that i had to sneak behind everyones back. "I want to take you out. We can go to this restaurant what is at the other side of the city." He asked. "I would love that." I said smiling to him. We cuddled on the sofa and watched movies. I told my parents that i was staying over at friends so they wouldn't ask. I brushed my teeth and shirtless Ace walked to bathroom and hugged me from behind pressing soft kisses to my neck and holding me from the waist. I watched us from the mirror. How did i manage to get someone so handsome and kind. Ace has a light brown hair and blue eyes his figure is tall and muscular. This was maybe the third time when i have stayed over night at his place. I love sleeping next to him. He usually wraps his arms around me keeping me warm and making me feel safe. More than i spend over night with him harder it gets to go home and sleep alone in my bed. "Goodnight Princess." He whispers pecking my lips. " Goodnight Ace." I say before closing my eyes as i feel the thousands of butterflies inside my stomach. 

"Morning." He says deeply and huskily. His morning voice is the sexiest thing in the world. "Morning" i say biting my lip and looking at him. "Don't do that?" He says smirking. "What?" I ask. "Bite those delicious lips of yours,you know how it makes me wanna kiss you till our lips are all swollen and numb." He says. I bite my lip harder and he lets a manly groan before flipping us over so that he is on top of me. I watch him as the hunger and lust flashes in his blue eyes making them look darker as he slowly leans in kissing my lips sweetly. Soon the kiss is nothing than slow and sweet. I had moved on top of him the his shirt what i am wearing had risen up and his hans rests on my bottom as i am pressed against him the sheets no longer between us. I feel heated and aching need down on my core as his hips are pressed against mine and i can feel how hard he is through the thin fabric of his boxers and my panties. As his tongue battles with mine i grind my hips against his causing him  to moan against my lips. "Bianca." He breaths  out throwing his head back and i kiss his yawn. I get his hint that we cant go too far. We decided to go slow. He goes to shower and i make him pancakes. He kisses my hair as he wraps his arms around me as i cook. "I could get used to the sight of you wearing my shirt and making us breakfast,Have i told you how much i like you. yum pancakes." He says and i laugh at him. We finish our breakfast and i have to leave at one pm. "See you at  Wednesday, remember." He says when he walks me to door. "How can i forget." I smile kissing him. I take bus to home since it would be weird that he would drop me off. 

~next day~

Its Monday and i walk to school texting to Ace. "Hey girl!" Amber greets and i put my phone to my pocket and hug her back. "You seem happy. Whats up?" She asks. "Nothing just slept well." I say. And again i hate that i cant tell her why i am happy. She would flip and cut my head off and then Ace's. "I am so happy that my stupid lazy ass brother finally moved out." She says. And i don't know what to say so i stay quiet. "Chris is looking at you. Omg his coming at this way." Amber says excited. I used to think that he was cute. I have always liked Ace but before our first kiss i was sure that he wouldn't see me that way so i tried to like other guys closer to my age but i never felt anything towards them. "Hey Bianca." Chris said flashing me a flirty smile. "Hey Chris." I say with bored tone. " so i was wondering if you could come watch my game and come to party after the game to celebrate our win." He said. I rolled my eyes."that sounds fun but i am sorry i have plans." I lie. "Are you sure you cant cancel them? Come on! The party is going to be crazy." He says. " no i cant, i am sorry." I say giving him a dry smile what tells that i am not even sorry and then turn around and walk off. "What the hell was that?! Have you lost your mind the hottest guy in school just asked you out." Amber spoke. "Well technically he didn't he just invited me to celebrate how good football player he is. You know partying isn't my thing." I said. "But it was Christian Parkinson for christ sake!" She said. "Then why wont you go?" I said. " i have Max. What the hell is wrong with you." She says starting to get pissed. "Theres nothing wrong in me. I just realised that Chris is not that all hot and great after all. He is self centred player. I don't want to spend my time on guys like him." I say. "What ever. I just though that you would like to have someone and not to be so loner all the time." She says when we walk to class. Oh if she only knew.


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