Love means nothing to me

"Honey, you know what your dad and I think about this and-" I cut her off. "Mom! He's my TENNIS PARTNER!"

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4. Oh hell no.


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I woke up late, strands of my long dark hair tangled in the delicate silver chain I always wore. I got out of bed, my head throbbing and headed to the bathroom. "Ugh Camryn..." I groaned to myself glaring at the mirror. My usually healthy, slightly tanned skin was unnaturally pale which only emphasized the dark circles under my eyes. My hair was a tangled mess and my skin had a grayish tint to it. I covered my face with my hands, trying to suppress the tears pouring from my eyes. "Why is it always me?" I whimpered to myself. "My entire life's just a whole bloody mess!" I gasped, wiping my eyes, smudging the remnants of last night's mascara into my skin. I turned my arm a little and traced the scars I still had from when I used to cut, 3 years ago. I'd promised myself that I'd never cut after that. But then again, promises don't last forever. 

My phone beeped. I pulled it out of my pocket and turned it on. Niall. I sighed and tapped on the notification. 

Niall: Hey beautiful, how r u feeling today? 

I smiled a little. He still called me beautiful. 


I turned sideways in the cropped black dress I was wearing, still feeling slightly more exposed than i'd have liked. It came till mid-thigh and had a criss crossed back, showing most of my skin. I bit my lip, still feeling uncomfortable and the headache from the previous night was still lingering. I couldn't bear heels so I had chosen a pair of metallic converse. Much more natural, and easier for me if I were meant to jump out the window. I quickly brushed my eyelashes with another coat of mascara and glanced at the clock. 10:05 pm. It started at 10. My parents were probably asleep. I flicked the lights off and opened the window, carefully climbing out. I jumped and landed in a crouch, right next to the wall.


I nearly jumped. "Alex?" 

"Hey gorgeous," he smiled, emerging from the shadows, he looked incredible as always 

I blushed. He freaking called me gorgeous. "What're you doing here?" I whispered, turning around to see if we were completely safe from being seen. 

"Just HAD to come get you." He said, gesturing towards his car. He shifted his gaze from my eyes all the way down to my feet and whistled. "Damn you look hot"

I felt myself blush furiously. "Can we go?" 

He nodded, leading me to his black Audi parked in the shadows. "Your highness, get your royal arse into the car" He fake bowed as he opened the door for me. "Preferably the first seat"

 "Oh please, shut it." I slapped his arm. He got in next to me and ignited the engine. "Las go gorgeous!" He said accelerating. 

I was so nervous during the entire car ride. I couldn't believe someone as good looking as Alex would have ANY interest in me. "So, Camryn?" He said, his eyes still on the road. "Have you ever drunk before?" 

I swallowed, still nervous. Would it look uncool if I said no? It was the truth, but you gotta lie sometimes. "Yeah." I replied, my palms still sweating. Alex smiled "Why're you so nervous? Never been to a party before?" 

"No, it's not that.. I.. erm.. I'm not nervous!" 

"You are."

"I'm not!" I protested.

He bit his tongue. "So what do you think about the Horan guy?"

Niall. "Niall?" I asked surprised. "He's okay, I guess, as a friend" I replied, still wondering why Alex wanted to talk about him. "Why?" 

"Eh.. I don't know, I find him a bit of an asshole." He said, glancing at me sideways. "He's always been like that." 

"Rude." I remarked, chewing my bottom lip. 

He laughed, "Honey you gotta get used to my language" He stopped the car right outside what was probably his house. I could see a ton of neon lights and lasers penetrating the windows.

I gulped. "You're gonna be fine, Camryn." Alex leaned towards me. "Trust me."

I opened the car door and felt him at my arm. "C'mon, you're gonna have a blast."

I didn't move. What if my parents found out, what if... Alex reached his arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him, "let's go."

We entered into what looked like a complete club, even though it was only his house. His parents weren't home- evidently.  There were a ton of random people dancing to the loud music echoing from a cluster of speakers, lovers making out in a corner and a bunch of giggling drunk girls trailing after Alex. There were red plastic cups everywhere, crushed up cans of beer and empty bottles of tequila, strewn across the floor. "Welcome to the fun side of life Camryn." Alex traced his hands up my back making me shiver, his fingers finding my bare skin through the criss crossed back. He cupped my chin in his hands and gently brushed his lips against mine, making me instantly want more. "C'mon." His hands moved down my arms as he tugged at my wrists. I couldn't believe I'd bloody kissed him!

I went with him to the next room where I caught sight of Niall leaning against a wall, looking impossibly bored, with a half-empty can of beer and a pretty brunette falling all over him, playing with his dyed blond hair. 

I caught his eye and he made a face. I smirked, shaking my head. He was so damn bored. 

Alex turned around and handed me a red cup filled with a strong smelling liquid. "Punch." He said. 

I looked at him worriedly. "Wha-"

He cut me off. "Fine, it's spiked punch! Don't worry, It's fantastic." He lifted his own glass to his mouth. I took a deep breath. First and last time I'd drink alcohol, I promised myself. I lifted it to my lips and took a sip. 


Niall's POV:

I watched Camryn take a sip from the cup. I could tell it was her first time. She recoiled immediately, wincing as it went down her throat. "Genius." I muttered to myself. I took another sip from my can and gently pushed away the attractive girl, running her hands through my hair. The stuff people do when they're drunk. I headed upstairs to the balcony. I couldn't stand the stuffy, alcoholic atmosphere, especially with people retching everywhere. 

"Ugh" I shook my head to clear my thoughts. I opened the balcony door and stepped into the cold night air, my head spinning. I was still worried about Camryn. I could tell that she was sick, somehow, she'd become paler and lost a lot of weight. She'd lost her tan too and had stopped coming regularly to fitness practices. No matter how many times I told myself, not to care about her,  I still felt protective over Camryn even though I had absolutely no chance with her. I could see the way she looked at Alex. "That fcking heartthrob." I said to myself. He'd always ruined everything, ever since I'd met him in 8th grade. He would also have seen how sick Camryn was, yet he still brought her to his bloody drinking party. I'd never have done that, seeing how fragile she was. But of course, Alex always had his sluts. 

But Camryn wasn't a slut. Anger sparked inside me. Even if I didn't have her heart, I would still give my life for her. I glanced at my watch. 12:59 am. Tired, I rubbed my forehead, trying to rid myself of the constant ache. I stayed out on the balcony, in the cold air, my head was still messed up with the alcohol I'd drunk earlier. 

Opening the door, I headed down the stairs as the music got louder and the smell of alcohol in the air got stronger. I pushed through the crowds of people and into the room I had last seen Camryn in. I looked around for her. There were people dancing and drinking, I continued searching for her, annoyed, but scared at the same time. I couldn't let anything happen to her. I suddenly spotted her and Alex making out on the couch. The rush of anger and hatred was so much I could barely stand it. He had his arms around her and his fingers tearing at the thin material of her dress and they were drenched in alcohol. I couldn't believe it. I ran my hands through my hair and I went upstairs, locking myself into the nearest empty room I found. I slumped against the door, my eyes stinging with acidic tears. 

30 minutes later...

I shook myself awake and yanked my phone out of my pocket. "2 am." I mumbled to myself. I must've fallen asleep. "Shit." I scrambled to my feet and unlocked the door. The music was still on, it was time to leave. Almost everyone was still there, still drunk. I groaned and reached for the door handle. I went outside, from the back, it was way quieter. I saw a bunch of people standing outside around the other side of the house. "Oh hell no."

Alex had Camryn pressed up against the wall, feeling her up. Her arms were limp and Alex was taking full advantage of the fact that she was barely  conscious. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I ran up to Alex and with whatever energy I had left, I punched him in the face. Taken by surprise, he spun around, confused. Camryn crumpled to the ground. I knelt next to her, lifting her chin up. Perfect, completely drunk. I turned to look at Alex, who in turn was even more drunk. "Get your hands off my girlfriend!" He slurred, stumbling into the wall. He started laughing. "You so damn funny..! YOu know that..?" He laughed at me.

Disgusted, I picked Camryn up, careful not to touch her back where the brick wall had scraped her skin. "C'mon gotta get you home, love." I said quietly. She blinked slowly. "Alex?" She mumbled. I didn't reply. "Alex PUT ME DOWN!" She arched her back and started kicking me. "Stop it Camryn! I'm not Alex!" I protested, but it evidently had zero effect on her. I reached my car and with great difficulty opened the back seat and put her in. "Let ME GO!" she tried to scream and hit me. I slammed the car door shut and drove her home.

I reached her house and got out, looking for the back door. I went back to the car and opened the back set. Camryn had literally cried herself to sleep, her mascara smudged around her eyes. 

I carefully picked her up and shut the car door, as silently as I could so her parents wouldn't wake up. Gritting my teeth, I opened the back door, praying that her parents didn't have door/window alarm installed. They didn't. I breathed a sigh of relief and carried her up the stairs into her bedroom. I laid her gently down on her bed, my heart filled with lust, she was beautiful. Her delicate, dark features on her face, perfectly complimented her skin tone. Her small petite, vulnerable.

 "Alex..." She moaned, reaching out her hands. "Shhh." I put her arms down. "Alex!" She said louder. "Shut up, Camryn! Alex isn't here. Go to sleep, you're drunk" I pushed her shoulders into the bed, "c'mon..." I pleaded with her. I touched her forehead. Burning. She had intense fever. I had to leave. She'd definitely wake up with a severe hangover the next morning. She kept groaning, her eyes barely open... "Alex..stop" She mumbled. 

Every time she said his name, I got annoyed. Why was he the center of her universe, I thought sarcastically. "ALEX." She seized the front of my shirt. "Oh, come on Camryn, let go of me!" I tried to whisper loudly. 

I fumbled with her fingers, "Let go of me." I tried to push her away helplessly. "No!" She yelped, pressing her mouth against mine. I was taken by surprise. I didn't have the energy to resist her, so I let go, the strong feeling of desire almost overwhelming me. She chewed at my bottom lip, pulling me closer to her, I could taste the tequila on her lips. She whimpered, clawing at my shirt. I couldn't let this happen, even though it hurt me to move away from her. With a final burst of effort, I pulled away from her, her arms fell back, limp. "She thought I was Alex." I muttered to myself, buttoning up my shirt. I touched her hand, running my fingers over her smooth skin. Her lips were a deep shade of pink and her skin was even paler than before. I quickly pulled the blanket over her and left. 




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