Love means nothing to me

"Honey, you know what your dad and I think about this and-" I cut her off. "Mom! He's my TENNIS PARTNER!"

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3. Downhill


1 week later:

I poked my food around with my fork, pushing it around the plate. "You're not eating again." My mum stated. I hadn't been eating right for the past week and even now... "I'm not hungry." I mumbled shoving my plate away. Sighing, my mother picked it up and took it to the sink. She had tried everything to get me to eat. It was no use trying to talk me into eating anything. My mind was set on the fact that eating sucked.  

I went upstairs and grabbed my Nikes and racquet. "Practice today." I shouted to my mum in the kitchen. She didn't reply. I shoved my practically dead phone into my shorts pocket and went into the kitchen. "Mum, you need to drop me." I said, zipping up my bag. "Oh, right." She said, grabbing the keys from the counter. 

She drove me to the courts, "Honey, we need to go to a dinner party today, you'll need to come back by 6." 

I groaned. "I'm not eating." I couldn't eat. "Whose party is it, anyway?" I asked. It was most probably one of my dad's countless friends or business partners. This vacation had turned into more or less a bloody family business trip. I hate Ireland. I want to get back to England as soon as possible. "oh, it's your dad's colleague's party." My mum replied as she pulled to a stop outside the courts. "Here we go. Have fun!" She had been excited as anything when she'd found out about the tennis team. I opened the door and climbed out, slamming it behind me. "Don't bother picking me up, mum." I yelled after her as she drove away. I went into the courts, absolutely drained of energy. I went to the last court, as per usual, Alex was there. "Hi." I mumbled. 

"What's up." 


He looked at me worriedly. "We have a tournament in Switzerland next week." I looked up. "Switzerland?" 

"Yeah... You don't look that well, are you okay?" He asked. "Yeah, uh..slept late..." I said, re-tying my hair into a ponytail. Every-time I spoke to him, an entire cage of butterflies would unlock in my stomach, making me nervous af.  "So what are you doing tonight?" He asked, just as Niall walked in behind him. 

"Erm... I have a dinner to go to." I said, shrugging

He tilted his head, looking at me with mild interest. "Cool, so do I." I nodded. 

Niall gestured to me. "Wanna warm up?" He mouthed. I looked at him suspiciously then headed over. "What's with the warming up?" I asked. He shrugged "I don't wanna strain a muscle or anything before those matches next week."

"Yeah, but I thought you never believed in warming up, Horan." I said playfully. "Oh shut up, you know I always did!" He smiled a little, shaking his head.


We continued running. Something was wrong...I could feel myself weakening until I could take it no more. "Stop!" I said, doubling over, my hands on my knees. "I can't-" What was wrong with me!? My breathing rate had shot up. "You alright?" Niall asked, bending down a little. 

I straightened up, my chest aching. "I..I..My.... stamina's...gone- " I tried saying, gasping between words. I felt Niall's hand rubbing circles into my back. "You're okay..." I heard him mutter.

I started walking slowly as my heartbeat slowed down to its normal rate.  That was scary...really scary. You have no idea what it feels like to stop breathing.. You're gasping for air, but your trachea constricts and you can't breathe... 

"What happened there?" Niall asked me softly as we got back to the courts. "I have no idea." I said, swallowing. "It's never happened before." 

2 hours later:

I didn't play well today. I was completely drained of energy and I was exhausted. Now there was the blasted dinner I had to go to... Some vacation. 

I stuffed my racquet into my bag and slung it onto my shoulder and groaned. Why was it so damn heavy? I hadn't added anything to it... "Lack of food probably" i mumbled to myself. 

I made my way to the exit. "Camryn!" I turned around. Alex was walking towards me. "Hey." 

"Listen, there's a party at my place tomorrow...Uh.. you wanna come?" He said, running a hand through his hair. I was absolutely speechless. "Erm.. I.. I... My mum.. erm... she'll throw a fit..she's completely against boys..erm.." I stammered, flushing red. "I mean..'ll.. try..thanks a lot." 

He smirked, "see you there". I nodded, a weight dropping in my stomach.. How the bloody hell was I supposed to sneak out in the middle of the night,  wearing a bunch of scandalous clothes. I shivered at the thought of the consequences.

"You going tomorrow night?" I was shook out of my thoughts. Niall. "Tomorrow?" he repeated.  

"Yeah.. I mean, I don't know..." I said, pulling at my bag's straps. "are you?"

"I guess." Niall replied. "I mean, I really hate him but you know... you gotta have fun sometimes." He shrugged. 

"Niall, can I ask you something?" 

"Sure, love"

"Could you um.. drop me home..please? I really-" I started.

He gritted his teeth, "Cmon." 

15 minutes later.. 

I fingered the car door handle. "Thanks Niall"

"No problem- Camryn?" He said, looking at me.


"Are you seriously alright, I mean, you don't look that great." 

I gazed at him. There was something missing in his expression that was there before the entire team thing happened. "I'm fine." I said. "Just a bit tired today, that's all."

"Trust me..I can tell when something's wrong." He replied gently. "Nothing's wrong..." I said, my voice cracking. 

Niall bit his lip. "See you tomorrow then."  I climbed out of the car and went up to the front door, my head still hurting. 



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