Love means nothing to me

"Honey, you know what your dad and I think about this and-" I cut her off. "Mom! He's my TENNIS PARTNER!"

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1. Blue eyes, blonde hair...


I dumped my kitbag on the ground and looked around at the tennis players moving from one court to another. Tennis was my passion and I tried to play it wherever I went. Right now I was on vacation in Ireland with my parents and I still had about two weeks since I went back so I had come to the local tennis courts to find an opponent. I quickly tied my hair into a high ponytail picked up my bag and headed towards the office. "Here goes..." I muttered to myself as I opened the door. A middle aged guy behind a desk raised his head. "How can I help you miss?" "Uhh... Are there any free courts or players? I need some practice, I'm in the national team..." I added. That always convinces them. His face broke into a smile. "Yes of course... Court number four is free and you can play with Mr. Horan." He said gesturing towards a blonde boy standing at the other side of the courts. I glanced at him... ugh.. No... "He's actually the only one free right now..." The man muttered " is that okay? "

I looked at him. If I was going to play  junior Wimbledon, I needed all the practice I could get, which, unfortunately, I could only get from the so-called Mr. Horan. "Ok. " I mumbled.

"Perfect! And good luck!" The man said. I managed a small smile before making my way over to 'Mr. Horan'...

I walked towards him nervously. "Uhhh excuse me?"

He turned around. " Can I help you?" He had a thick , unnaturally attractive Irish accent. His eyes were dreamy blue, incredibly perfect... I suddenly clicked back into reality. "Um... Camryn!" I said looking away embarrassed, he smiled. "I guess you're looking for someone to play against... Did Jery send you?" I looked up. "Yeah.. Exactly, uh, who's Jery?" 

He smirked "At the desk, retired tennis player" "Oh... right." I unzipped my bag. "I'm on." I grabbed my racquet and headed towards the other side of the court. "Wait!" I shouted. "What's your name?" He smiled. " call me Niall." I  blushed a little and walked to the baseline. "You serve!" Niall called from the other end of the court. I grabbed the ball and hit a perfect ace. Wow he was so easy to thrash. I hit another serve which again turned out to be an ace...

*3 sets later*

I grabbed my water bottle and headed over to Niall. "Good job!" I said, sitting down next to him. "Wow..." He muttered breathless, " you play really well!" I shrugged, my face turning red. I had won all three sets, not surprisingly. I stood up, slinging my bag on my shoulder. "Ok Niall, I gotta go." I said stepping back shyly. "Wait Camryn!" He blushed furiously. "Can I have your number?" He said handing me his phone. I gave him a questioning look. "Uh.. Just like.. in case you wanna practice..erm.. a coupl' more times?" He turned slightly red. "Me?" I asked. He nodded.

"Sure..." I saved my number in his phone, then took his. I was feeling really lightheaded, I dialed my dads number, he had to pick me up. I pressed the phone to my ear . "Crap!" He wasn't picking up.  "Need a lift?" Niall looked at me. Hell, his blue eyes were drop dead amazing. I found myself staring at him. "Uh no, actually my dad's just picking me up, like right now..." I could feel myself heating up.

"He wasn't picking up." Niall said smiling slightly. How the hell did he know."Prove it!" I said crossing my arms. "It was on speakerphone." He said cheekily.

looked down at my phone. He wasn't bluffing. I rolled my eyes and stuck my phone in my pocket. "Are you sure you don't want a ride?" He asked pouting. I felt my heart start jumping up and down, why did he have to make me so nervous!?  I felt myself giving in. "No." I said, starting to walk towards the street.  "Come on Camryn!" He shouted after me. "Nope! Not a chance!" I yelled back. His nerve! I zipped up my jacket and continued walking, mildly annoyed. I heard a car pull up next to me and increased my pace. "It's still no!" I yelled. "Come on, princess!" Niall shouted back, slowing his car down to match my speed. "I swear..." I stopped and turned around to look at him. "What is it with you!?" 

"I'm just being nice, chill!" He said, smirking.  

"My house is just the next block down, you freak!" I whined. "Stop it!" 

He couldn't conceal his excitement and didn't make any effort to either.  "You don't live this close! If you did, you wouldn't have called your dad to pick you up, except you did and he wasn't picking up, so-" I cut him off by wrenching his door open. I got inside and slammed it shut. "If this shuts you up... Sherlock." I muttered. He stared at me open-mouthed. "Sherlockian!?" He exclaimed.  I crossed my arms and glared at him. "Yes, brother mine." I said. "Now get on with it, I need to be somewhere by 8 and it's already 7." Speechless, he accelerated and turned down the next road. "Right here" I gestured towards the house my parents had rented. "Thanks." I got out of the car and walked towards the door. "Wait a sec.. Camryn!?" Niall yelled. I turned around. "What time tomorrow?"

"Same? I guess?" I said shrugging, just as my front door opened and my mum poked her head out, her dirty blonde hair still in curlers. "CAMRYN! You were supposed to be home 30 minutes ago, get in, we'll be late!" I turned and shrugged apologetically to Niall and headed in. My mother glared at me suspiciously. "What boy have you brought home today young lady!?" I saw Niall turn and open his mouth out of the corner of my eye. "Uber driver!" I said loudly. "Dad wasn't answering his phone, so.. erm... I had to take an Uber." 

Niall turned and went back to his car. "Mum... I swear." I pleaded.

She sighed. "Get inside. Who was that. Tell me the truth Camryn." 

"A friend." I muttered. My mum looked absolutely horrified. "Camryn, I swear if you have a BOYfriend, You will be grounded for the rest of our time in Ireland." My mum wasn't a big fan of letting her kids interact with strangers, especially boys. My older sister had once gone to a party with a boy, gotten drunk, landed herself in a terrible 'mess' and had gotten what would probably have been the record holder for the longest lecture. She looked at me, annoyed. "Honey, you know what dad and I think about this and-" I cut her off. "Mom! He's my TENNIS PARTNER!" "Oh." She said. "Fine. He's JUST your tennis partner then." She narrowed her eyes. "I mean it." I rolled my eyes and nodded. "I'm upstairs." 

I kicked off my Nikes and flopped down on my bed. I pulled off my hair tie and let my long wavy hair down. I was so tired... I quickly checked my notifications. I had a new follower on Instagram. I tapped on the Instagram icon. A picture of a familiar looking blonde popped up. "Niall." I mumbled. How could I not expect this? I followed him back for no particular reason. I glanced at the time. 9 PM. I groaned and quickly changed into a pair of shorts and a comfy t shirt, not bothering to eat anything...

I woke up really late on Thursday morning , I got out and changed into shorts and a Adidas t-shirt. I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and went downstairs. As usual, mom was awake and dad had gone to work. "Morning mum!" I yawned. "Hey hon!" She said brightly, sipping her mug of coffee. My phone beeped. I checked it. A text message from Niall: Hey beautiful, you still up for tennis today? My whole body felt numb. Did he just call me 'beautiful'? That complete ass! I could get into so much trouble for texting him. I tapped back a quick 'yes.' and then a 'stop hitting on me." 

His reply came almost instantly: "I'm not hitting on you." 




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