A Romance story

Lavender is a Freshman in college living with one of her best friends, Lauren. One day her Ex, Cal, comes to their doorstep. He tries to seduce her but it doens't work on her. Later she meets a guy who is everything she ever wanted. What will happen between these three and how far will they take it?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I should be having fun, I thought to myself. Everyone else was drinking alcohol while I had a cup of soda that looked like the stuff everyone was drinking. I never drank at parties unless it's my own with my friends only. All of a sudden I ran into someone who's drink spilled on me.

“Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! Don't worry its only water. Here's a napkin.” The guys voice sounded like an angel. I looked up into the most beautiful set of eyes I had ever seen. They were a bright icy blue color, that you could just drown in.

“No, it's okay. I wore a dress that's practically waterproof anyway. I'm Lavender.”

“I'm Jason. And again I'm so sorry.” He was so beautiful. I felt like I was in heaven.

“Its really okay. Just between you and I though, I haven't been drinking alcohol either. I've just been drinking soda.” I can't believe I just said that! It was so off topic. He laughed and I couldn't help but smile, because his laugh made me want to laugh too.

“Do you want to get out of here and do something instead then?” I looked up at him surprised. “I don't mean that.” He cringed. I laughed.

“Its okay! But, sure I would love to get out of here. Just let me go tell my friend first.” I took his hand and led him over to my friend Joy. “Hey Joy! I'm leaving with Jason here if you don't mind.”

“No Lavender, its perfectly fine. Just remember, no doing 'it' yet. And before you go, I want to introduce you to my boyfriend since you haven't met him yet.” Joy has this boyfriend named Ryan, but I've never met him even though they've been dating for six months. “This is Ryan.” I look up and there's Cal.

“What the hell Cal!”

“Wait what? You're Cal!”

“The chances of you being forgiven have been destroyed, removed, deleted. I don't ever want to see you again. And if you follow me, I will call Ryan.” I shouted at him.

“Lavender I'm so sorry I had not idea that that was Cal. You know I never got a glimpse of his face so I had no idea.”

“Its not your fault Joy. Jason lets go now.” We walked out.

“So I'm guessing that’s your ex.”

“Yep. Hold on one moment. I'm going to call a friend cause I know he's following me.”

“You're going to call Ryan?”

“No, I'm calling my friend Eric. He's a cop. Hey Eric, I need your help”

“With what Lav?”

“Cal is following me and I need backup. But make sure the guys are hidden in plain sight. Except for Carter. I want him to come to me. It would make Ryan feel better if he knew, along with me. No offense Jason, I feel safe with you I just need a little extra protection.”

“None taken”

“Lavender, where are you guys at so I can send them over.”

“Let me ask Jason. Hey where are we going?” I ask Jason.

“I was thinking the Cold Stones ice cream place here.”

“Yum! I love Cold Stones! We're going to be at the Cold Stones, Eric. Send Carter in immediately.”

“Hes already heading over. And I'm sending the other guys right now.”

“K. Thanks. Carter might have to stay at my house tonight. So I don't know when you'll get him back.”

“K. Well be careful. If Cal gets there first to you, I want you to cling to Jason understood?”

“Yes sir.” I joke. “And I'm already clinging on to him, I'm so freaking scared right now. Well love you, and thanks. I'll call if I need anything.”

“Love you too. Stay safe. Bye.” I closed my phone.

“So you're clinging to me just because you're scared? It wouldn't have to do with you liking me would it?” He joked.

“You're funny! And hot. Oh my gosh I can't believe I just said that!”

“I am not hot. You are.”

“Are you kidding?! Have you looked at yourself in a mirror? I mean your eyes are so gorgeous and your body is perfect.”

“I prefer to let people like me for who I am and not how I look.”

“Oh my gosh! I feel the same way! I hate it when I date a guy and all they want is to just get into my pants.”

“Well I guess we're more alike then we realized.”

“Yeah I guess so.” I smiled up at him. I was glad when we reached the Cold Stones.

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