my new neighbor

Summer new neighbor come over for dinner and she finds out that her neighbor is no other that.... one direction!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what will summer do???? She doesnt like one direction! find out in: my new neighbor.




Summers POV


Hey. im summer koly. (the picture is Summer) i'm 17 and in 11 grade. I like 5SOS and The Fray. i dont like 1D but i think the boys themselves are cute. I live in Minnesota and wanna go to England. TTYL, my mom just called.

“Coming mum!” i yelled in a British accent.

“You're doing the accent again? Uh, whatever. Our new neighbors are coming over tonight, so go to Aria's house. I’m sure you’ll have fun. “ she commands.

“Why am i not having dinner with you guys?” i ask, weirded out.

“cause arenewneighborsarefamous.” she says SUPER fast.

“Um, i didn't quite get that, say it again.” i reply

“Cause, our new neighbors are famous.” she mumbles.

“They are famous!!!!!!! What?????? Who are they??!!!” i say excitedly

“One. direction.” she shrugs, like it's no big deal.

“Good thing i'm going to Arias, she is gonna FREAK!!!!!! She LOVES them. And then we’ll come over here and eat with you and then-” i get cut off by the door bell. “I'm gonna invite them in, you call Aria and invite her over.” she tells me while running to the door. I thought i was going to arias? Well, guess not! i run up to my room and call aria



“Hello?” i hear aria

“Can you come over for dinner?” i ask her, putting her on speaker so i can do my hair.

“Uh, sure! Aren't your neighbors come over tonight?” she asks. I put my hair in a bun on the top of my head.

“Okay! I will be on the porch waiting. Dress nice please.” i hang up and put on some leggings and a BLINK 182 shirt on. I walk down stairs, not looking at the men and my mom at the table and walk onto the porch. I see a car pull up and aria walks out in a one direction shirt (srsly?) and black leggings. Her hair was up in a bun (twinzs!) she smiles and walks up to the door.

“Wait! Dont freak out, but are neighbors are famous.” i warn.

“Cool! But i’ll be fine as long as there not one direction!” she says laughing. I giggle and then shake my head. I open the door and everyone stops eating. Aria comes up by me and drops her keys.

“Hey i'm Summer and this is my best friend Aria. we are just getting some food and eating.” i say as i drag the freaked out aria to the kitchen. The boys start eating again and i get aria and i some food. We walk out to the table and i sit next to my mom. This will be a slow night.



We started eating and summer and aria sat down across from us. We were eating pasta and it was really good. Summer was really pretty and so was aria. You could tell summer didnt really like us but aria did. I think im gonna like this move.

A/N the rest of dinner was silent but the boys said thank you and left. Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need 2 likes to update. And i need harrys girlfriend and liams girlfriend. thanks!!!!!!!

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