the life of ivy James Lotus Lily Black

this story takes place in 2 generations after harry potter and with harry potter in this story Ginny Wesley is ron weasley's twin sister. hope you like it thx :) and this is my very 1st time writing a story so feedback plz


2. start...

I am lucky. I get my own room in the orphanage. So one day i was chillaxin on my bed when an owl stared pecking on my window(it was mid summer) with 2 letters. (you can see the letters in the next chapter: letters) so i opened the window... both letters were addressed to me!!!!!!! One letter was to adopt me and the other enrolled me into a new school, i hate middle brooke public school. I am in the year 2015. I ran to mistress Alayan to show her the letters,she said the person that will adopt me will be here sometime this week and i can get my school supplies today, so i went. about after an hour i was wandering around London finnaly i found the leaky caldron(it was the shop on the letter). so i went in and asked the shopkeeper, tom to help me get to diagon alley. he helped me get all my supplies to... so kind. After that he gave me loads of coins (galleons, sickles, knuts)

and even my very own snowy owl, snowflake. 

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