the life of ivy James Lotus Lily Black

this story takes place in 2 generations after harry potter and with harry potter in this story Ginny Wesley is ron weasley's twin sister. hope you like it thx :) and this is my very 1st time writing a story so feedback plz


10. hogwarts

a while later i was on the train with draco, i fell asleep on his lap he didn't  realise :) 

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i woke up i know where i know draco from!!!!!

he is scalupe's father but as a kid! Ohh i must have travelled back in time when the death eater hit me!!! that must be why nobody knew who i was except me than dracos old room became mine!! now i make sense!

now im cray-cray but im worrying about my books because if i went back in time wont they be diffrent? (i hpe not) what ever. hogwarts here i come...

2 hour later....

finally we arived a big half giant came and took us on boats to get there. he gave us to a teacher called prof. magonagle. so we could be sorted into a house- grifindor, hufflpuff, ravenclaw, and slytherin. i really dont mind being in any house but i really want to be in... ohmygosh!!!! the prof. started call ing names (finaly!!!)

parkenson,pansy... slytherin 


parvilt,patilda... ravenclaw (sorry if this one i wrong im not sure)




(wow there are lots of names)   






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