not human

"you're job is to protect her, no matter what"

what would you do if you were a so called "mortal" that was destined to end the war between two clans of supernaturals, and all of your friends are just supernatural freaks that were born to protect you?


1. introduction

Your parents allways assured you that monsters weren't real, that the dead stay dead and demons don't leave hell. Let me tell you one thing: they lied. 

There's things out there, things that aren't like you. We call them the supernaturals. 

For years, two supernatural clans have been at war. It has lead to deaths of not only supernaturals- but humans, or as the supernaturals call them, mortals. 

Some supernaturals don't want the war to end, they love the sound of harm and chaos. 

A girl was once born, she didn't know it, but her destiny was to end the war. Some supernaturals and even mortals didn't want that to happen, so they set out to destroy her. 

Seven supernaturals were chosen to protect this girl. There supernaturals were a ghost, a demon, a vampire, a werewolf, a warlock, a witch, a banshee and a fairy. All had the same job: to protect. 

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