The Girl in the Castle


3. Hope

Her hope, gone.
Her sanity, gone.
Her feelings, gone.
All she knew, all she felt, all she hoped had come to an end: that moment she stopped counting every second.
She again fell into the darkness of lonely hope, she remembered her father. Her mother. Her brother and sister. Everyone who loved her. The once she could not remember the faces of.

That's when she heard a knock on the door. She quickly looked up as the knock again happened. "What is this sound", she thought. She started to crawl out of the darkness, with the help of curiosity. As she oppend the door. The door that had been closed for as long as she could remember, just now opend up by pulling it.

A boy was standing at the door, freezing in the snow. Asking a simple question: "Can I come in?".

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