Woman you have to be careful

Challenges of a Woman


1. The creeking park

The park was peaceful, but for the sharp creaking sounds coming from somewhere. It was dark, and me a lady all alone... I started feeling the beads of sweat drop down from my forehead to cheek. I felt a hand thud on my left, I was paralyzed for a moment. My eyes too paralyzed could not move to see the person behind me. After a few seconds, I loosened, I turned. “Oh it’s you!!” I said in relief, looking at the familiar watchman. He asked. “Memsahib, why are you here alone?” I said, “Came to catch some fresh cold air.” He said, “Memsahib this is not safe, please leave immediately, Its 2 am morning, should I escort you?” I said, “No, thank you, I am fine.” I walked out of the park as he starred at me. Must be he was thinking that I dared to walk inspite of being scared. Sometimes we repel others feelings and caution, just to, just to be ourself, yet it hovers over our heads to scare us. But is there a meaning in their lines of thought…

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