They think I'm mad. They think I'm out of my mind. But it isn't true. I can see them, those demons in the dark. I can see ghosts, and shadows. They are real, I can see them, feel them, hear them. I thought they were my friends. Then they placed me here, in a mental hospital. They think I'm mad. But it is a reality, not just a movie playing forevermore in my mind. Help.


1. Meet My Demons

I'm still here, still living, I don't know why. I don't even know why I pull myself out of my nightmares every night anymore. Because I get no relief from waking up. It is all just the same. Same demons that grab me every night, same demons that grab me every morning. There are lots of them. All with different personalities, different faces, but all of them evil. Sometimes I am introduced to new demons while I sleep. They are always everything I ever wanted when I first meet them. Sometimes they are a replica of me, but skinnier, prettier and actually happy, and living joyfully.

But slowly, every time with every single one of them, they turn into my demons, my true demons: dark, cloaked figures, or skinny, mean girls with jet black eyes that cry blood, or banshees that scream words I do not understand.

"Good morning, mad girl..." One of them whispered in my ear this morning, when it was still dark. It's dirty hands with claws for nails wrapped around my throat, choking me.

"Let go!" I screeched.


"Fall to the floor mad-girl," Another one of them hissed, and I did.

They all laughed hysterically. Their laughs kill me a bit inside. Still, I tried to stay strong.

"I-I'm not-I'm not mad!"

"Shut up, then why are you in a mental-hospital?"


Just then I was picked up and slammed against the wall repeatedly. SLAM SLAM SLAM.



I was drowning in their laughter.

"You are so weak, Mad-Girl!"

"Please!" I cried, "Please, please stop!"

"No, girl!"

They slammed me against the wall a great number of times more and then I fell flat on my back, my head bleeding, and blood smeared all over the wall.

These are my demons.


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