The Secret One

One planet, a population of approximately 9 billion, one evil leader. Each year everyone faces possible danger to the leader named Crimson Loren. A young man however, remains unknown to the leader, making his life harder due to narrow escapes of his secret existence. Getting caught can pose a serious punishment, but as long as he's careful, there will be no harsh punishment.


3. The five day countdown

The sounds from the television were louder than my thoughts, for once. I'm usually a deep sleeper, but Havoc loves for everything to be loud. I think it's the computer side in him that comes out during those moments. He likes his music so loud, to where it rattles his metal ear drums. Sometimes I can even hear the inside of his metal head, causing the vibrations of the music to bounce off the metal, making it loud enough for me to hear it as well. His head is like a mini concert to a good show. My blurry vision finally shifted into clear eye sight, I rolled over and stretched intensely. "Morning dude." I said to my buddy. "Oh, morning Silen." Havoc was very attentive to the screen more than he normally is. "What're you watching?" He didn't even have to answer my question, the voices on the TV answered it instead. "Citizens of Lunette, you are to be awake by seven A.M., on January 1st. Failure in doing so, will have you taken into custody, or held suspicious. Crimson is ordering a strict search to all homes and buildings. All of your doors are to be unlocked in your house. This includes bathrooms, bedrooms, basements, attics, and other locked doors. This will all take place before the big line up, on the same exact day." My heart sank, worrying that this will be the day I will get caught, and executed on sight. "Why are they so strict now?" I asked Havoc in a panic. The fact that the reporter said the word "basement", made me almost have a nervous breakdown. Havoc looked down at his hands that were crossed with one another. "Well, last year, there were fifty people they had to execute. Each one of them thought of ways to kill Crimson. They were accurate, and would have had him killed. The guilty's had their weapons hidden in their basements, bathrooms, and attics. But, as you know, the yearly mind readings and line ups, they had their genius thoughts taken away from them. Crimson freaked out so bad, that he killed them himself instead of his guards." The people that got killed were so close to kill him..I wish they would have been able to, I really do. If you are found guilty in the line up, you would be proclaimed as a "guilty". I hurried to the phone that was sitting on the nightstand beside my bed. This phone rings to upstairs, in case I need my mom or dad for anything or for an emergency. It comes in handy, a lot. As the phone rang, I rubbed my eyes, to get the sleep crust out of the corner of them. I'm not sure if they're actually called sleep crust, but that's what I call it. I tapped my finger on my knee nervously, then my mom answered the phone. I ordered for her to come to the basement as soon as she can. Havoc and I could hear footsteps belonging to two people, from upstairs. My mom always brings my dad everywhere she goes. Who can blame him anyway? If I had a wife in this horrible world, I'd protect her as well.


Sounds of  computer-like noises were heard by the metal door that leads to the basement bedroom. The sounds meant that they were inputting the password that leads to the basement. They both hurried down the steps. Dad looked very worried, but not as near as worrisome as my mom. "Havoc..I need to talk to you for a moment." Dad sat with Havoc, over at my writing desk. I could tell that he made sure to talk low enough so that I wouldn't overhear their conversation. Meanwhile, my mom sat with me on my bed. I assume that they already knew about the upcoming events, that we needed to think of a plan before five days later. They both talked low for a while, but then my dad spoke up to Havoc. "If they find you know what to do." He patted Havoc's shoulder, and havoc had a blank look on his face. He was thinking about something, something my dad said to him. My mom rubbed my back up and down with the palm of her hand. "Your father and I already know about this..we talked about a plan. You'll be alright Silen..we'll make sure of it." She hugged me and stroked my brown hair. "I remember the first day I had you in this basement. You were stubborn with staying still, because you wanted to climb upstairs." I was confused. Why was she talking about the past suddenly? "You'll be fine. I trust Havoc in the next few days, and the upcoming years. He's also like our second son. I love you Silen." Her voice appeared to crack for a moment. "I love you too..what's wrong?" I moved back from the embracing hug, to look at her face. She hugged me so tight that I could've sworn she broke a rib of mine. "Oh, nothing. It's just the thought of losing you two. It breaks my heart to think of it." I believed her for a moment, but it seemed like there was much more on her mind. I imagined losing my mom, or my dad after she told me that. "It breaks my heart to think of losing you, or dad, or Havoc.." She looked away, crying slightly after I said that. My dad was done talking to Havoc, shaking each others hands to end the conversation. That's how they always ended their little talks. Dad walked over to my mom, and stroked her back. "It'll be alright Scarletta." He whispered, but I could still hear him. They both hugged me, before leaving to walk upstairs again. Havoc was still seated at the desk, a mirror was in front of him. I could see the look on his face. It was similar to terror, worry, but blank. "What did he say to you?" Havoc ignored my question for a moment, but decided to answer me. "No, Silen. You wouldn't be able to handle it." He said, with his eyes shifting towards my reflection in the mirror. Dad always told Havoc deep details of everything, that's just the way it was. Havoc has emotions like us, but he is able to withstand traumatic news, horrible events, and deep conversations. He does get upset, but knows how to hold it back and not show it. I admire that about my best friend. I, on the other hand, tend to break very easily emotionally, and mentally. "Don't worry, I didn't sneak into your diary." Havoc tried to joke around with me, but at a time like this, it was impossible to even crack a smile. I sat on my bed, wondering what Havoc's words meant. "You wouldn't be able to handle it." Kept repeating over and over, in my head. Each time it repeated, I attached it with a possible meaning. Some thoughts were hard to deal with, some reassured me that it can't be that bad. Dad wouldn't just leave with horrible news, and not let me know as well. " something else.." I turned the channel away from the news station, to a much more tolerable show. No matter what, my anxiety level was rising. Five little days from now, my life could be taken away from me if I'm discovered. Nothing could distract my mind, nothing. Crimson knew nothing of my existence, but I knew everything about his. 

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