The Secret One

One planet, a population of approximately 9 billion, one evil leader. Each year everyone faces possible danger to the leader named Crimson Loren. A young man however, remains unknown to the leader, making his life harder due to narrow escapes of his secret existence. Getting caught can pose a serious punishment, but as long as he's careful, there will be no harsh punishment.


2. Havoc has a question

Today was very dark and cloudy, I could see it from my small basement bedroom window. Havoc's deep robotic-human like voice was like soothing rain, adding a touch to this cloudy day. "The weather's very nice today, Silen. Do you wanna play some video games?" Havoc smirked when he asked me. I spun around in my black gaming chair, before scoffing at him. "Are you kidding me? You know you ALWAYS win at games, you're basically a living computer, man." Havoc smiled and picked his see through Xbox controller anyway. "Come on, it's not like there's anything else to do today, is there? Have you written lately?" I thought of the diary entry I wrote earlier, prior to him coming down into the basement. "Yeah, some of my diary. It's just..I live in my thoughts so much and I wish we could've lived on Earth instead of you know, here." Havoc sat down in his chair that was beside mine. You couldn't tell that he was even a robot, unless you heard his voice get stuck at times, or if he suddenly malfunctioned. He's my buddy though, as silly as it sounds. "Can I read your diary someday?" Havoc asked as he turned on the Xbox console. I couldn't tell whether he was being sarcastic or if he even knew a diary was meant to be secret to the ones that aren't writing in them. "You know you're not allowed to, right? I'm not showing anyone what I wrote." I thought of the very dark days I've had in the past. Thoughts of killing everyone in this planet so my family, Havoc, and I can get away from this hell. "Yeah I know it's secretive, I know what a diary means. I was just using that emotion called sarcasm." Havoc scrolled through the gaming menu, before stopping on Tetris.


No matter what, he's always choosing Tetris over any other game. He can beat all twenty levels in five minutes, due to extreme speed with his advanced mind. "Come on, join me in Tetris, Leaf." Everyday, Havoc gave me a new nickname. To my shock, earlier, he called me by my real name "Silen". I ignored his offer, knowing he'd win. "My names Leaf today? You always come up with neat names for me.." Havoc smiled and began playing the game, it took approximately five minutes just as I predicted. "Alright I'm done now." My buddy sat the controller down and turned to me, twiddling his thumbs while his fingers were intertwining one another. I could hear the sound of an Xbox achievement unlocking ten times in a row. He got ten achievements and the shock on my face was apparent. Havoc took it casually though, and began to speak to me. "I know you wouldn't really show me your diary. We all know you have dark thoughts, thoughts you cannot control. Mom and dad told me they're called intrusive thinking. Is that really the definition of intrusive thoughts?" Havoc always had so many questions about who I am and why I am the way I am. I hated this particular subject, but I won't ignore him because he won't leave you alone until you answer his questions. "Yeah, that's true. They're thoughts I can't control. They can be horrible and degrading but I'm ashamed to tell anyone what they are because it..gets that bad." Havoc looked like he felt sorry for me for a moment. "Don't worry, I hate it a lot but I'm fine." I reassured him. "Alright..thanks for answering my question, Silen." I nodded and smiled, patting his shoulder. "No problem..its just..some stuff can be a touchy subject for me. Sometimes I don't always want to talk about whats on my mind." I flopped down on my bed and stared at the clouds above this corrupt planet. I wanted to be honest with Havoc, but I was worried he'd experience a bad emotion if I told him what I was thinking of right now. This was a thought I could control, and I bit my bottom lip. Havoc was cleaning my room for me, well..our room that is. My thought was itching at me as bad as a bird feather prickling the tiny hairs on the back of my neck, I couldn't hold back anymore. "Sometimes I wish I could talk to more people and interact with others." Havoc put down the stack of drawings I created, before facing me. I was worried he took it the wrong way, that I didn't like talking to him. "I know you do, but what happens if they found out your existence? Our parents told me this day would come, you'd eventually grow sick of seclusion. You can be open with me." I sighed in relief that he didn't become angry with me. It was only my anxiety causing me to worry once again. "Yeah yeah..I know..they'd kill me in an instant, including my family and you..I'd never want anything to happen to you three." Havoc sat beside me on my bed, to give me comfort. "Do you know how many times I've wished I was human so I can experience food? I'm glad I can play games, and read, and write. I just sometimes see how humans react when they bite into something they enjoy, and they look like they love it as much as I love video games." I felt bad for Havoc and sighed. "I'd trade places with you any day you could eat some steak. You'd love it." Havoc's eyes shifted after I told him he'd love it, he felt bad. "I'm sorry..but we can't always get what we want, huh?" Havoc agreed and continued with his cleaning. The reason Havoc called us "human", is because we are a more advanced version of the Earthling human beings. We are more.."perfect" looking and strive to be perfect, we have no other choice but to be. After all, we're controlled by that moron named Crimson. 

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