The Secret One

One planet, a population of approximately 9 billion, one evil leader. Each year everyone faces possible danger to the leader named Crimson Loren. A young man however, remains unknown to the leader, making his life harder due to narrow escapes of his secret existence. Getting caught can pose a serious punishment, but as long as he's careful, there will be no harsh punishment.


8. Blackout

Diary Entry# Hell, I've actually lost count. 

November 18th, 2071.


   Today feels warmer than usual, around this time of the year. I woke up kinda sweaty, actually. Havoc is across the room from me, letting me have my private space. I trust him to build this rather large invention, but how can we get away with that? Where will we hide it? It's bound to be found out somehow. Unless, he plans to build it AFTER we wipe this planet clean from the evil. Maybe that's what he's planning. Today sure doesn't feel like a Sunday, for some odd reason it feels like a Thursday, or even Monday. 


I paused my journal writing, to check the date again to reassure myself what day of the week it was. I slid my android phone out of my pocket, before pressing the lock button that was placed on top of it. The screen lit up, but something caught my immediate attention. I thought I was still exhausted, or perhaps I didn't sleep well last night. The words on my phone said, "Tuesday, November 18th, 2073." Rubbing my eyes didn't work, the words were still there. I got up and rushed to Havoc. "What is wrong with my phone? The date..its..wrong." I felt my heart palpitate for a slight moment. Havoc is amazing at technology, I'm sure that this was just a glitch or a mess up in my date settings. He looked at the date, but to my surprise he didn't say a word at all. "Nothing is wrong with the date. Today is exactly as it says here on your phone." He seemed oddly nervous or trying to avoid conversation. "But yesterday was Saturday, November 17th, 2071. What is going on?" Havoc's eyes shifted. His white glowing left eye began to shine even brighter as it shifted. I noticed that they would shift to me, then back to my bed, then back to me. "Answer my question!" I demanded him. Havoc only touches his right ear when he's very nervous, or guilty about something. His right hand lifted up to his right earlobe, before fidgeting with it. "I don't know what's going on. What makes you think I have something to do with the date? You think I'm responsible?" I shook my head and sighed. "Just forget it. I'm going back to writing. This can't be true and I doubt that this is the year of 2073." I sat back down in my writing chair, but right when I sat down, Havoc got up extremely fast, and ran across the room. I didn't see him at all. I only heard him running to, or for something. I tried to turn around in my spinning chair, but my sight went completely black suddenly. Now, any person would think that they went blind out of the blue. As did I, and I began freaking out very badly. The amount of eye rubs would not help me see again. I had no idea what was going on, or what was happening. Why can I not see? Why was Havoc so on edge? I must be dreaming, again. 

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