Misplaced Love

Alex used to be as happy as he could be, until he put all his love into one person. Will Alex get through this, or will his heart be forever broken?


4. The Next Morning

            I opened my eyes to see the girl from last night staring down at me.

     I screamed and fell off of the couch.

     She giggled.

  "Good morning." She smiled.

  "Hi." I laughed.

   "Hey, uh... I'm sorry about last night." she sighed.

    "It's okay." I laughed.

    "I also wanted to thank you for not doing anything and for cheering me up and letting me sleep here."

   "Don't mention it. So... uh... what's your name? We didn't really tell each other last night." I said.

    "Sandra, and yours?" She asked.

    "Alex." I smiled and we shook hands.

    She handed me a piece of paper.

    "Hey, text me, okay? I have to get going." She smiled and left.

   Antonio came into the living room and looked at me as I stared at the door, mesmerized. 

         "That has to be the weirdest hook up ever." He laughed.

     "Antonio, we didn't do anything."

     "If I didn't know any better, i'd say you're in love." He smirked and walked into the kitchen.

   "It's not like that. Not even close. We just talked last night about our breakups." I said, glaring at him.

 "Whatever you say." he laughed and went to his room.

 I rolled my eyes and checked my messages.

          One new message from Lacy.

I sighed. 

                  Hey Alex, text me back as soon as possible. We need to talk. I miss you, okay? I feel horrible. With that said, you will never find anybody better than me.


     Did you really just say that? Yes, totally. You're the best person in the world. Who wouldn't want a girl who cheats on her boyfriend days before their wedding and then says she has no feelings? There's totally nobody better out there.


        Alex, stop it. You're being childish.


Childish? Oh, okay. I guess you're the mature one who sleeps with everyone she sees and then destroys somebody who truly loved her.


        Alex, I swear.



       I'm done. Have a nice life. Won't see you later.



        Antonio walked into the living room. He could see the angry look on my face.

   "Lacy texted you, didn't she?" He asked.

   "I'm so pissed at her. She called ME childish."

     "Alex, just move on."

   "Have you ever been in love? If you haven't, then don't you dare tell me to move on like nothing ever happened."

   He looked at me in shock.

  "I'm going to the bar." I sighed and walked out the door.

         I walked into the bar and sat down. I felt a piece of paper in my pocket. I took it out to see it was Sandra's number.


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