Misplaced Love

Alex used to be as happy as he could be, until he put all his love into one person. Will Alex get through this, or will his heart be forever broken?


3. New Friendship?

    To other people, it seemed like she looked at me, but to me, she looked through me. Her eyes were bluer than the prettiest oceans. Her watery makeup looked like a piece of art. Her hair was a magnificent dark red, and her voice was like a melody.

          She looked back at her drink and played with the straw.

   "So, what happened?" She asked, not looking up.

  "It's a long story. But I'd be willing to explain it if you told me about your story too." I said.

  She smiled.

             "I'd like that."

   "How about now? We can go to my place." I said.

 She looked at me.

 "Okay, let's go."


   All night, we talked about our life stories and drank wine. I told her about how Lacy and I ended, and she told me about how Bret and her ended. We told each other our darkest fears, our worries, and our issues. Around Midnight, she turned to me and bit her lip.

 "What?" I asked.

 She smiled and sat on my lap.

 "What are you doing?" I asked.

 She smirked and kissed me. 

 "You're drunk." I said.

  "I'm completely fine." She slurred.

 She tried kissing me once again.

   "You need some rest."

 She smiled at me.

  "I'll be right back." I said and went into the kitchen. 

 I came back with a glass of water to see her fast asleep.

           I picked her up and lied her in my bed. I covered her up and put the glass of water on the nightstand for her. I turned off the lights and closed my bedroom door. I grabbed an extra blanket and pillow from the hall closet and lied on the living room couch.

 Antonio walked in the door to see me on the couch.

 "Where is she? I thought you guys came here." Antonio said.
 "She's sleeping in my room." I yawned.

 "Did you get lucky?" He smirked.

  "She was drunk and I would never take advantage of her."

 Antonio went in the kitchen and drank some milk.

 I slowly fell asleep.



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