Misplaced Love

Alex used to be as happy as he could be, until he put all his love into one person. Will Alex get through this, or will his heart be forever broken?


1. From Day One

                       I've always liked the same girl. Nobody else, just her. She made me as happy as I could ever be.  Every  time I was with her, the world seemed to melt away until there was nothing left but her and I. She was always smiling, and she always had this glow. I fell for her hard. It was like nothing I had experienced before. It felt like a dream. A beautiful, amazing, mesmerizing dream. We would always gaze into each other's eyes and just stare at each other for hours. If one of us went on a trip or vacation, we would video chat the whole time, giving each other tours, showing them the plants, sky, bugs, waterfalls, buildings, everything.


                    I crawled out of bed and slowly walked into the kitchen.

  "Alex, you okay, bro?" Antonio asked.

   Antonio was my roommate.

  "No, I'm not fucking okay." I said.

  "Alex, It's been two months."

  "Two months of hell." I growled and went back to my room.

 "It's like dealing with a woman on her period everyday for two months." Antonio rolled his eyes.

 "I heard that." I growled and slammed my door.

 I sat on my bed and turned on some video games.

 Antonio walked in soon.

 "Alex, you need to calm the fuck down."

 "I'm calm. Why wouldn't I be calm? I'm totally calm."

 "Alex, you're killing all the women in this game." I said.

 "They're zombies."

 "No, they're not. What have you been drinking?" Antonio asked.


 "You've been drinking reality? Uh huh..." 

 I kept pounding on the buttons, shooting everything in sight.

 "Alex, I fucking swear, if you don't calm down, I'm going to the dentist just so they can put you on laughing gas."

 I threw the controller on the floor.

 "Don't worry about me. Worry about your own damn self." I growled and walked out the front door.

 I pulled the hood over my head and walked to the park, through the rain. I plopped on a wet bench but I didn't mind. I  lied my head on the table. The voices in my head kept telling me that it wasn't going to get better, that it would always be this way. I was starting to believe it, no matter how hard I tried not to. I heard footsteps behind me.


 I turned around to see Lacy.


 "Are you okay?"

 "No. I'm not." I growled.

 "Alex, look, I'm sorry."

 "No you aren't. I know you aren't. I can't believe I trusted you. I can't believe I fell for everything you said. I'm not doing that again."

 "Alex, you're a guy. You're supposed to be strong and masculine." 

 "Do you really think that? Do you really think that I shouldn't be upset? Lacy, I fucking trusted you. I gave my all to you. If you would have seen me the past two months, then you would know how much you meant to me. But you don't. And you never will. Guys can be broken, too." I hissed and walked away.

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