Misplaced Love

Alex used to be as happy as he could be, until he put all his love into one person. Will Alex get through this, or will his heart be forever broken?


8. A Long Night

                     As soon as I got home, I ran into my room and slammed the door. I sat on my bed and stared at the wall. I can't believe I let my guard down. I can't believe I thought it would ever work out. I can't believe I tried. I looked at my closet. It has clear and dark outside. I put a plain black hoodie on and left the apartment. I walked through the empty streets and thought about all that had happened.

                                      I can leave this place. I can run away and never look back. 

                 My thoughts were louder than ever. I kept walking, despite how cold it was.

  I put my hands in my pocket.

  Footsteps were heading towards me. 

  "Alex! I'm sorry I didn't tell you-" Sandra said.

 "It's fine." I interrupted and continued walking. 


  "Don't worry." I said and stared ahead.

  "I do."

   "Well, you shouldn't."

  "What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I know we haven't known each other for long but I'll always worry."

  "I used to think that was true."

  She stepped in front of me and stared at me.

 "Stop being so stubborn, okay? I truly care and you're breaking my heart right now."

  "What?" I asked.

 Her eyes were filled with galaxies as she looked me in the eyes. 

 She straightened her clothes out. 

 "Nothing, just... just forget about it." She sighed and ran down the street.

 I sprinted after her.

 "Sandra! Please!" I shouted.

 I caught up to her and jumped in front of her.

 We both fell to the ground, but I broke her fall. 

 "I have to go." She said.

 "Sandra, Please, tell me."

 "Tell you what?"

 "You said I was breaking your heart. But I don't understand how I could break it if someone else has it." I said.

 She sighed and looked at me.

 "Alex, nobody has my heart. Not even Bret, at least anymore."

 "Then... how was I breaking your heart?"

 "It's hard to explain."

 We both stood up.

 "If you want to try to explain it, I will be more than happy to listen." I said.

 "I don't know."

 "Please, Sandra."

 "You wouldn't want to hear about it." She sighed.

 "Yes, I would. More than anything."

 We walked to the park and we both lied at the bottom of the side. There were two together.

 The stars above were shining.

 "I'm here when you're ready to talk." I said.

 "It's not that NOBODY has my heart, a lot of people do. Mom, dad, my sister... but you're different."

"How?" I asked.

"Alex, I wish I could tell you. Sadly I can't. I don't even understand it."

 She stared at the sky, looking at all the stars. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. I saw her close her eyes. As she drifted off to sleep, I saw her body shivering. I took off my hoodie and covered her up with it. She rolled over on her side and cuddled my arm. I wrapped my arms around her and fell asleep.


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