From My Mind

"My life is so much more interesting in my head."

Stories, quotes, dreams, songs, and thoughts that all come from my mind. There is no way through it, but I live in it... my imagination that is. It come up with nonsense and I welcome it like a friend.


6. Wings

When I look at you I see

Beautiful angel wings,

Following you behind

So white and pure,

Strong against the sky.


But when I look at me I see

Butterfly wings,

Translucent and fragile

Like a fairy,

While you're a angel.

We wish we could fly

High above the sky,

Soaring through the clouds

Together never apart,

But I'm just a silly butterfly,

Flying with an angel

Who rules the sky.


But you don't see our wings,

You just see

You and me,

Two best friends

Living through the

Harsh life,

Who imagine

What it's like,


To fly through the sky.


I wrote this last year, I don't remember why, but it is beautiful so I thought I should share it with y'all.

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