From My Mind

"My life is so much more interesting in my head."

Stories, quotes, dreams, songs, and thoughts that all come from my mind. There is no way through it, but I live in it... my imagination that is. It come up with nonsense and I welcome it like a friend.


3. To the Memorable People in My Life


It's funny how I can remember the year of preschool so clearly,

and forget what I had for lunch today.

Back then I thought you were my friend,

but to you I was a pest.

You would push me away and abandon me,

and I came right back up like a loyal puppy.


I now see how annoying I was,

calling you my "best friend" when you denied it.


Why did I follow you?

I wonder that 'till this day.

Something must have happened I guess.

To let you treat little me that way.

Well, I never saw you again, so that's okay

Your "puppy" is not loyal to you anymore.



The three most bullied girls of kindergarten,

All became best friends,

Leah, you, and I

did not care what others think,

We laughed, and singed our bullies away.

We almost made a fire,

Told jokes that made no sense to others.


Thinking back now, 

I remember how cruel kindergartners are, 

they are not filled with innocence.


I regret what I became in second grade,

Gullible to those who told me

How weird and crazy you were.

"Kira-touch" was their game,

which I played with them, 

hoping to fit in to their ways.

You have forgiven me then,

but now we are just hallway friends.

Only saying "Hi," and catching up when we walk by each other.

You made other friends like I did.


If Leah was here she would have been proud of what became of you,

and yell at me instead.



One of the new kids in school,

who appeared in third grade.

I believe it was fate that we sat at the same table that day.

Katy helped our friendship grow stronger.

We laughed and drew pictures together.


Other grade levels almost pulled us apart,

but we are still best friends to this day.

Our friendship won't pull apart,

Different schools will only be a tiny struggle.




How we met is a puzzle,

tiny pieces of memory are lost.

Our friendship went through stages,

Friend of a friend,

"Hey" friend,

Same class friend,

Official friend,

To best friends.


Now we talk about anything we think of.

Comfortable with each other's crazy subjects,

knowing how the other one is.

We both live a crazy life, 

full of friend drama and homework.

Either way we survive helping each other out along the way.



A science project is how we met.

Back when I was still shy.

You help me open up,

becoming amazing friends almost instantly.

Where would I be without you?

How many friends would be close to me if you did not teach me?

Really by now I would have been

a closed-off shell, who has a total of three friends.

Thank you science project for introducing me to Lily.



It was my first year in theatre,

I stuck close to people I knew,

'Till one day after Christmas break.


I was approached by a tall girl with black hair,

Her eyes staring at my shirt, not my face.

I got it at Christmas and wore it that day.


She came up to me, fully carefree,

And the first words she said to me was,

"You watch anime?"

We talked about Soul Eater, 

and learned each other's names.


Ever since then we became best friends.

Introduced me to other friends, 

who accepted me wholeheartedly. 

Her name is Izzy.



Math class is how we met,

through Chris.

"Stay away from him,"

said some people when I asked what you were like.

But I did not care anyways.


And now here we are messing around,

almost stabbing each other in the eye in history.

You getting in trouble with Mrs. Walter for doing nothing.

You talk about things I only half understand,

that Izzy says to not let me learn.

Awesome is what I would describe you,

but I think you would prefer "Fabulous!"



One of the smartest people I know,

amazing how close we can relate.

The only other person I know

who loves HxH as much as I do.


I feel like I should not be friends with someone so amazing,

but here I am anyways.

Making jokes with you and Cassidy

Saying things most people won't understand.

We all go to the same school next year!

This friendship will not end.



"Karen, Ba-baren

So chilling.

Not scared of scary video games!"

I wrote that in your journal today. 

When we met you did not talk much,

so Kijana, Izzy and I kind of forced it out of you.

You really complete our group of friends,

eating Cheez-its and talking about random stuff, 

as Mrs. K yells at the trouble-makers in class.

Our place feels empty without you,

I hope you get well.


To The Friends I Mentioned Who Will Read This

You all helped me become the person I am now! Thank you, this is my gift for you guys for changing the unsocial-able me to this happy (but mostly tired) person I am now.

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