He put a hand on his chin before saying "Interesting". He looked at me a few more seconds then he stomped off hastily around the corner and out of sight.

Willow constantly gets bullied by Everett and she's used to it but when and new bully comes to town and tries to bully her as well because she's an easy target he suddenly stands up for her. What suddenly caused this drastic change in him?


8. Chapter 7

Willow's POV

As I walked downstairs the next morning I hear the kitchen sink running and dishes clanking against each other as my mom washes them. It seems like it's been forever since I've seen her. She's always so busy with her bakery that I never see her anymore. To be honest I never see either of my parents. My dad is always away doing business for his job. I only get see him every couple months. 
When I reach the kitchen I take a seat on the stool infront of the island. "Hey mom" I say. She turns around and smiles at me. 
"Oh hello Willow. I didn't hear you come down the stairs. I made some waffles do you want any?" I nod my head and she hands me a plate with a couple on it. I love waffles! As I eat she tells me how things at the bakery are going. In the next week they should be ready to open up. My mom is great at baking. Every year she makes me an elaborate birthday cake with whatever theme I want. She makes it so big that we can't finish it and it ends up getting thrown away. Opening up a bakery has always been her lifelong dream. It just took her a little long than she expected. 
She's telling me a story about how they were rolling out carpet for the sitting area and her phone got stuck underneath was carpet when the doorbell rang. I get up and walk to the door to answer it. When I do I see the face of Everett. 
Oh god I thought he was joking yesterday. I didn't think that he'd actually come and pick me up. But then again when have I ever known him to joke around. I don't know him at all we've never actually had a conversation. 
I immediately try and close the door in his face but his reflexes are too fast and he puts his boot clad foot in between the door and the frame. He slowly opens the door all the way and leans against the doorframe. As he looks at me amusedly I study him. There's something about him that seems different. It could be that the only time I ever see him it when he's angry. He's much more relaxed. It actually makes him more attractive. 
    Wait! No I shouldn't be saying he's attractive. I'm scared of him. And he's my bully. My body is shaking with him being as such a close proximity to me. 
    By at the same time I can't help but notice how handsome he is. His blond hair peeking out from underneath his beanie looks so soft. His two nose piercings and his tattoos. I had never found them attractive but on him they add to his looks. They don't over power him its just the right balance. From the way his shirt is tight you can see his muscles flex when he moves. And his eyes they are truly beautiful. They're the color of the Caribbean Sea. 
   He coughs and it brakes me out of my trance. His smirk lets me know that he caught my not so discreetness while checking him out but he doesn't comment on it. 
   "Let's go" he says and I nod. I don't need any more trouble. I walk back into my house to grab my things. I when I pass the kitchen my mom calls out to me. 
   "Hey who was at the door?" She's now sitting and eating while doing something on her computer. 
  "It was just a friend from school. I'm gonna go now I don't want to be late. I'll see you later mom. Love ya." I then make my way to the door and I hear her show it an "I love you" 
    The car drive to school was slightly less awkward this morning due to the fact that he had the radio on. Better Off Dead by Sleeping with Sirens was playing. I subconsciously tapped my fingers to the beat and nodded my head. 
    Just like yesterday he kept sneaking glances at me. It's like he was checking on me. Making sure I wasn't going to throw myself out of the car which is what I really wanted to do. Not that I could. The doors locked. 
Finally we made it to the school. I mumbled a quick "Thank you" and hurried outbid the car and into the school. I don't need another lecture about manners today. When I got to my locker I saw Brinley there waiting for me. 
"Hey there. Where were you yesterday after school I missed you?" I open my locker and and start gathering my things. 
"Oh god I completely forgot about us going over to my house after school sorry! I was showing this girl around. She started here yesterday and we had hit it off really well." 
"It's fine just text me next time. So what's the new girl like?" I ask we make our way to the cafeteria and sit down in a booth. 
"She's pretty cool. Her names Ivana. We have 4th block together. I think she's in your 1st block actually." 
"Really what's she look like" I take out my Spanish homework and decide to finish it up before class. 
"She tall, she got long dark brown hair, really pretty, dark brown eyes." 
"Oh yeah she is. She sat in the back of the class yesterday though she looked like she wanted to kill everyone in the class" 
"Yeah she's like that at first but she's actually chill. She's just got a very strong resting bitch face" we both laugh and soon enough we have to go to class. 
"I'll see you after school. Do you wanna have a movie marathon over at my house after school tonight?" 
Yeah I definitely owe you for bailing yesterday" 
We quickly say our goodbyes and head off to class. When I enter the classroom I immediately spot Ivana. She's sitting in the same spot as yesterday. 
I get myself situated and start pulling out my things but I feel a gaze on me. I look around the class to see who's looking at me and my eyes lock on Ivana's.
She's glaring straight at me with a look of hatred on her eyes. I quickly turn back around and try to shake off her stare but it doesn't go away. 
When class is over I make my way out of the classroom when a body collides with mine and I'm sprawled out on the floor. When I look to see who hit me I see Ivana making her walk gracefully down the hallway, looking back at me, and smirking. WHAT THE FUCK!?

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