He put a hand on his chin before saying "Interesting". He looked at me a few more seconds then he stomped off hastily around the corner and out of sight.

Willow constantly gets bullied by Everett and she's used to it but when and new bully comes to town and tries to bully her as well because she's an easy target he suddenly stands up for her. What suddenly caused this drastic change in him?


6. Chapter 5

Willow's POV


It started at the beginning of Freshman year. I was really nervous about starting school because I didn't know anyone. I had just moved here from Grand Island, Nebraska. I was walking into the school through the front doors and was headed for the office so that I could get my schedule. I had gotten everything that I needed and went to go find my locker.

    I stared down at the paper in my hands and was looking at my classes

    1st Block- Algebra

    2nd Block- Spanish 3

    3rd Block- English 1

    4th Block- Computer Apps

   I wasn't paying much attention to where I was going until I turned a corner, hit something, and fell straight on my ass. When I looked up I noticed it wasn't a something and more a someone.

When I looked up I noticed a boy glaring down at me. He looked like the stereotypical bad boy. He had a leather jacket, black boots , piercings, and some tattoos from what I could see.

    When he saw my face his eyes widened a bit and recognition flashed in his eyes before they quickly went back to a glare.

    He put a hand on his chin before saying "Interesting". He looked at me a few more seconds then he stomped off hastily around the corner and out of sight. I stared after him shocked.

"What the hell just happened" I asked my self.

    I picked myself up off of the floor before heading to my first class.


    After my first day of school I went to my locker and gathered my things before heading out to the bus stop outside of the school. I had been waiting for about twenty minutes before I heard loud thumping footsteps behind me. I turned around and saw the boy from earlier headed straight for me.

    When he reached me he shoved me slightly back. "What the hell?" I shouted at him.

   "Shut up" he hissed at me. "Who do you think that you are showing up here. After what he's done." He pushed me again and I had fallen to the ground this time. He advanced on me walking slowly and I crawled backwards.

    "What are you talking about? Who is he?" I asked him but he didn't answer my questions. That was when it all started. 

(End of Flashback)

    I sat in Brinley's car waiting for her to speak. Her hands were gripping the wheel so hard her knuckles were white from lack of blood flow. I occupied myself by staring out the window and letting everything sink in for her.

   After a bit she finally spoke and I looked over at her. She had tears streaming down her face and she was shaking. I quickly embraced her and she started sobbing. We sat there for a while her crying and me comforting her. I rubbed her back soothingly and she calmed down. She pulled away from me and wiped away her tears.

   "How could you not tell me that this was happening I could have helped you" she asked me very confused.

   " I didn't want to get you involved. He could of started hurting you as well and I didn't want that for you" I told her. And who knows what is going to happen to her now after what she did. I'm not saying that I'm not grateful to her but I don't want her to get hurt as well.

    "I can take care of myself just fine" she tells me crossing her arms. I think back to how she knocked him over the head with her crowbar.

"I know that now. Where did you get an arm like that?" I ask with a big smile on my face. Soon we both break out into loud laughter. We sat laughing in her car until our bellies hurt from the laughter.

"Come on" she said, "let's get home"


(Picture is Ivana)

Ivana's POV

     Another new school. I've been doing this since I started school. I hate switching schools but I don't do anything to stop it. I'm just a natural born troublemaker. I can't seem to stay out of trouble. It's not all of my fault though, if people wouldn't be so ignorant I wouldn't have to do the things that I do. Not to mention the fact that I do half the things on my father's orders. I can't disobey him.

      I finally get all of my things in order for my schedule. It took a forever all that that old woman wanted to do was talk in her sickly sweet voice. I couldn't wait to get out of there.

As I was finding my class I looked around the school it was a bit run down. Finally I found my first block. Algebra with Mr. Mickelson. I walked in before the bell rang and took a seat in the back of the class. Thankfully he didn't draw attention to me and make me stand up and introduce myself like every other teacher I've had.

      After the final bell rang and everyone was in their seats class began. It was very boring. One kid who sat directly in front of me was trying to be the class clown and it took all of my self discipline not to knock him out of his seat. When class finally ended after 2 hours and 40 minutes, the bell rang. I took my time gathering my things so I wouldn't have to deal with the huge crowd pushing to get out of the door.

      When the crowd dispersed it was only me and one other girl in the classroom. She had long curly brown hair and big brown eyes that made her look very innocent. She was very short too, probably around 5 foot 2 inches. As I stared at her longer I couldn't help but get the nagging feeling that she looked very familiar.

       She then picked up her things and walked out of the door. I followed closely behind her trying to figure out the puzzle of who she is. Deciding that I didn't need to be late on my first day of school I decided to take a picture of her with my phone so I could think more later. It's not like I particularly cared about being late but my father would have my ass if he found found out. Usually he didn't care either but there was something else in his voice when he told me that I would be going to this school. He wanted me to stay for a while.


       As I drove home I grumbled in frustration. I still hadn't figured out who that girl was and it was driving me bonkers. I decided to ask my father about it when I get home.

As I pull into the driveway quickly get out of the car. I hurry inside and head straight to his office. I stop outside and look at the men standing guard.

      "Hello Black. Hello Crawford." I say nodding to both of the big men. "Is my father in?" I ask both of them.

     "Yeah he's in go right on in" says Black opening the door for me.

When I enter the office I see my father sitting behind his desk immersed in paperwork. "Hi dad" I say to him and take a seat across from him.

    "Hello Ivana what can I do for you" he asks me sitting back in his chair and gazing at me curiously.

    "I was wondering if you knew anything about this girl" I pull out my phone and show him the picture I took earlier. It only takes him a quick glance at the photo before he breaks out into an evil grin.

     "I know a lot about that girl. She's Jeremy Hemlock's daughter. Her father and I go way back. We don't have a particularly good history."

      "Dad why are you giving me that look?" I ask wearily while he continues to look at me with the evil grin.

      "The reason why I put you in this school was so that we could get his daughter, the girl in that picture. I assume that she's protected very well being as she is his daughter. I want you to test just how protected she is. Do things to hurt her and let's see if that works. We need to find out information about her as well. This is your first mission Ivana. Don't disappoint me."

     I nod my head and walk out of the room. When I reach my room I contemplate how I'm going to go about this. I rack my brain for hours before going to bed with a plan to capture my quarry.


I know it's a bit confusing at first but in the next couple of chapters things will make a bit more sense.

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