He put a hand on his chin before saying "Interesting". He looked at me a few more seconds then he stomped off hastily around the corner and out of sight.

Willow constantly gets bullied by Everett and she's used to it but when and new bully comes to town and tries to bully her as well because she's an easy target he suddenly stands up for her. What suddenly caused this drastic change in him?


3. Chapter 2

The day was finally over and she could go home. All she wanted to see do was go home and get started on her new book. And she would but only if she hurried.

As soon as the bell rang after 4th block she dashed out of the classroom and to the main hallway. She got there the fastest she ever had but she was still too slow.

He was already there leaned up against her locker casually. Eyes scanning the crowd for whom she could guess was her.

She turned right back around and tried to escape before he could notice her.


Too late I'm dead she thought as she stopped her footsteps and pivoted back around. She timidly walked over to him knowing that if she tried to run away she would be worse off. Not to mention the fact that she would most likely trip over her own feet.

Once she reached arms width away from him he grabbed her roughly and pushed her up against her locker.

"Where were you this morning? I missed my morning beat down" he asked while standing intimidatingly over her.

"I um well I was uh-" she tried to say but he cut her off quickly.

"Do you need some motivation to tell me where you were?" He asked raising his hand. Se quickly shook her head with her eyes widening in fear. He then made a gesture for her to tell him.

"I was in the library" she finally told him after a moments hesitation. He nodded his head with satisfaction.

"Good now I know where to find you when you hide from me." He's said smugly. "Now since I couldn't find you this morning I think you should get a double beating this afternoon."

Before she could protest he grab her arm with his strong grip and started dragging her from the school to the field behind the school. She tried looking around for anyone who would help her but knew it was useless. No one would dare defy Everett. Once they reached their destination he threw her to the ground.

"Get up I don't have time to mess around today" he hissed at her through clenched teeth. She stood up tried to run away but he quickly caught her and twisted her arm behind behind her back. She whimpered as he pushed it farther up.

"What did I tell you about trying to run away? You're such a dumb bitch. You're only making it worse for yourself. If just let me do it it will be over sooner." He pushed her away from him and onto the ground once more.

She did exactly what he said. For the rest of the time she lay on the ground as he kicked and punched until her whole body ached and she felt new bruises forming and old bruises resurfacing even bigger than before.

When he was finally done he looked down at her and chuckled to himself before walking away and leaving her there. She laid there until she could  catch her breath and slowly stood up wincing from the pain.

She somehow made it back to her car and drove home getting there just as the sun was beginning to set. She shut off the car and made her way inside and went straight to the freezer looking for her ice packs to dull the pain.

"Shit" she cursed as she remembered that she had left them in her room yesterday after she fell asleep. Plus she was running late this morning and she forgot to put them back on the freezer.

"I guess it's gonna have to be frozen French fries today" she mumbled to herself as she made her way up to her room and collapsed on the bed exhausted. She put the fries on the area that was affected the most. Her stomach. After situating the fries she watched tv in her room for a few hours before drifting off to bed with a fitful sleep consisting of a boy with cold blue eyes.

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