He put a hand on his chin before saying "Interesting". He looked at me a few more seconds then he stomped off hastily around the corner and out of sight.

Willow constantly gets bullied by Everett and she's used to it but when and new bully comes to town and tries to bully her as well because she's an easy target he suddenly stands up for her. What suddenly caused this drastic change in him?


11. Chapter 10

   Willow's POV


After yesterday I don't know what to think anymore. Everything that my dad has told me has been one fat gigantic lie. When I was younger he used to show me pictures of these houses that he had built and I had thought that it was so cool that he designed them. But now I guess that they were just pictures that he had gotten out of some magazine. I haven't had the chance to ask mom about anything. I was so tired last night after I got home that I went straight up to my room and collapsed on my bed. This morning when I woke up she had already left for the bakery. Does she know about him? Where he really goes when he's not home and what he does? 

   "You look like you're in deep concentration" I jump in my spot and turn around quickly seeing who it is. 

   "What the hell are you doing in my house!" I yell when I see that it's Everett. He's leaning against the fridge and looking at me with his usual smirk plastered on his face. 

   "Well I got bored at my house and decided to come bother you. Your door was unlocked to I walked in. That's not very safe you know. Anyone could come in." 

   "Cool now that you've lectured me on my home security can you leave?" Why is it that he always shows up everywhere? I can barely have anytime to myself. Before school, after school, and even in my own home. I need time to think through everything and decide what to do next. Should I confront my dad? What do I do about Ivana? Not only do I have this drama with my dad I have drama with Brinley also. She still hasn't replied to any of the text messages I've sent her lately. 

   "Where would the fun be in that plus I have something that I want to show you." I hesitant in answering. What could he possibly want to show me. "Ok look I know that you probably have a lot on your mind right now and you need a break. So I want to take you somewhere so you can relax."

   "How do I know that you're not trying to lure me off somewhere to kill me?" I ask only somewhat jokingly. 

   "I already promised you that I wouldn't do anything to hurt you anymore. I never break my promises." He sounds sincere and when I look in his eyes I don't see anything that makes me doubt him. Ever since he started driving me to and home from school he has changed. He hasn't done anything to hurt me hell he even saved me from being attacked by Ivana. 

   "What do you have in mind?" I ask him. He breaks out into a smile. 

   "It's a surprise. Go get dressed and then we can go." I glance down now realizing that I'm still in my pj's. I nod to him and run upstairs to my room. 

    What should I wear? I have no idea where we are going. After bulldozing through half of my closet I decide to dress casually. I pull on a pair of black skinny jeans and a Panic! At The Disco shirt.

    When I'm done I head back downstairs. Everything's going fine until the last step. I feel my foot slip out from underneath me. OH SHIT! OH SHIT! I brace myself for the impact and squeeze my eyes shut.

    Before I hit the ground I'm scooped up into a pair of strong arms. I let of a breath and look up. Everett is looking down at me worry flashing through his eyes. I try to pull my eyes away from his but I can't. His eyes are mesmerizing and I can't look away. I expect him to let me go but he stares right back at me. 

His eyes captivate me. They aren't one solid blue color. The outside is a dark blue. Towards the middle they become and icy blue color that reminds me of winter. And lastly on the inside right around the pupil they are hazel. We stare at each other's for who knows how long before he finally pulls away.

He sets me down so that I'm standing before pulling away and scratching the back of his neck. "You should be more careful." He says to me. I laugh awkwardly and say a simple "yeah" back.

He starts walking to the front door and I follow soundlessly behind him. I don't speak again until we are in the car and driving to this secret place. "Can I at least have a hint on where we are going" He rolls his eyes but gives in.

"Well I found this place a while back. Probably when I was 10. I was walking around and bored and I saw this huge tree. So I decided to climb it. When I got about 30 feet in the air I looked around at everything and I saw this little clearing with a waterfall and a river so I got down and went to find it. It took me about an hour because the entrance of it was so overgrown with bushes and weeds."

"Do you go there a lot?" I ask him. It sounds so peaceful. I wish that I had a place like that. So I could just go there when I needed a place to get away or just somewhere quiet.

"Every once and awhile. I used to go there a lot when I was younger to play but now I'm more busy." We finally arrive and step out of the car. I understand now what he was saying about it being overgrown. The grass reached halfway up my thigh and there are branches that stick out at awkward angles that need to be trimmed. As I make my way through they keep on scratching my arms leaving ugly red lines.

When I stumble into the clearing I'm shocked at how beautiful that it is. There is a huge waterfall that fills into a pond and then leads out into a stream. There is a perfect place to sit down right at the waters edge. The rest of the area is surrounded by overgrowth just like the section that we had just walked through.

"It's amazing isn't it." Everett says as he comes to stand next to me. I don't respond because I can't find the words to. I can't describe just how amazing that I think this place is. "Come over here" he says and I follow him and sit down next to him by the water.

We sit there in silence and it is very peaceful. I wish that I had a place like this if my own so I could come here when I needed to get away. I take off my shoes and dip my feet into the water. After a few minutes I hear a rustling sound coming from beside me. I look over and see Everett half undressed. His shoes and shirt are on the ground beside him and he's in the process of taking off his pants.

"What are you doing?" I ask him while I slide away from him.

He doesn't look up at me but says. "I'm going for a swim what about you?" He finishes taking off his pants and I caught myself staring at him for the second time today. He noticed that I hadn't replied to him and sees that I was staring at him. He raises his eyebrows and gives me his infuriating smirk.

I frown at him and take some of he water and splash. He looks shocked but soon recovers and has a devious smile on his face. He takes a running start toward that water.

Right before he jumps in he yells "Cannonball" he makes a huge splash that drenches me from head to toe. When he pops back up he looks at the state I'm in and bursts out laughing.

"Oh it's on now!" I yell at him and use my feet to splash water at him. The water hits him the face and he uses his hands to try to block the water. He gives up add decides to chase after me instead. I try to. Move away from him but he grabs my waist and tackles me into the water. Wen we surface we each have our our fits of laughter. I get out of the water and sit on the edge trying to regain my bearings. When I do I look at him seriously.

"I just want to thank you for today. For bringing me here and taking my mind off of things" he come out of the water too and sits next to me.

"No problem" he says and smiles at me. He's been so nice to me lately and maybe that's why I did what I'm about to do. I hug him. He hesitates before hugging me back. When he does I rest my head on his shoulder and hug tighter. I feel him lay his head on my head.

When we break away from each other he says. "I'm starving let's go get some food" I just look at him. "What aren't you hungry!"

"Yeah I'm very hungry but I'm not exactly in any condition to be getting food" I tell him gesturing to my soggy clothes.

"Oh that's an easy fix come on" he leads me back to his car. This time he remembers the struggle that I had last time and holds the branches for me again. When we get there he opens up his trunk and pulls out a duffle bag that has towels and extra clothes. E grabs one of the towels and hands me the bag.

"Here you can change in the car I'll go back and get my clothes while you do." I get in the car and wait to make sure that he's gone just to make sure he's not going to be a perve and watch me. When he's gone I change. The clothes were obviously meant for him since they are huge but I fix that by rolling up the pant and tucking in the shirt.

When he gets back to the car we decide to go grab lunch at the diner in town. On the way over we talk about random things.

As we pull in I'm about to open my door but he's already there opening it for me. I mumbled a quiet thank you and walk inside. We grab a booth and wait for the waitress. When she comes we order. I get a cheeseburger with fries and he gets a tenderloin.

"Let's play 20 questions" he says out of nowhere. I laugh at first because it seems like a kid game to play but give it. Who knows it could be fun.

"Alright what's your favorite animal?" I ask him

"Shark what's yours?"


"What's your favorite candy?"

"I love sour patch kids. Oh my gosh one time when Brinley and I were having a sleepover we were watching movies ad I dared her to eat all of the sugar at the bottom of the bag. But she tipped the bag too far back and she started choking on it but at the same time making a really sour face. It was so funny." I'm still laughing. Everett just watches me and smiles.

"How come you and Brinley don't hang out anymore I used to see you guys together everywhere. Not to mention the time that she hit me over the head that one time. Now I never see you two together."

I take a moment to reply. "Ever since Ivana has come to school her and Brinley have been inseparable. I try and text Brinley but she doesn't reply and when we make plans she blows me off to hang out with Ivana" he frowns and gets a crease in his brow.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. That's probably just part of Ivana's instructions. To keep you away from Brinley and make you feel isolated and alone." I hadn't thought about that I just figured she didn't want to hang out with me. I then notice to look on his face.

"What's wrong?" I ask him.

"Speak of the devil" he says and nods behind me. I turn around and see Ivana strutting through the doors and Brinley following behind her. They go over to a booth on the other side of the diner. I turn around and look down at my lap.

"Your not going to go over and talk to her?" He asks me. I look up at him.

"No I'm going to wait for her to talk to me first" I tell him

He shakes his head. "Well your not going to have to wait that long" I look at him confused before turning back around and looking for her again. This time she is striding tweeds up again and glaring. If looks could kill... well you know the saying.

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