Ethan's secret

so this is my first story ever:
imagine you fall in love with the high school heart throb,Ethan Dolan..
But what you soon discover after is that he wants more than that,but will you end up falling for his games or will you finally learn what true love is?



Jasmines pov:

It's sunday today.I decided to pick up some birth control pills from the pharmacy,i can't take any risks,especially since Ethan doesn't use protection.He always pulls out before he releases but just to make sure I brought them anyway.I am only 16.I guess ill tell him at school tomorrow.I have to admit the the trip to get the pills was hella awkward,I tried to get out of there as soon as I could,but it was full of old grannies buying painkillers or adult diapers.Awkwaarrd.

Today i need to make sure that i know my speech for the presentation, oh god.Imagine what Jessica and Emma must think,they must have heard us getting at it,i mean i was screaming Ethan's name over and over again.What a night.The images of Ethan towering over me,biting his plump lips with each thrust had already made me wet.For God sakes it's only 9am.Ah,fuck it.Each thrust seemed to go deeper and hit my G spot each time.My tight pussy clenched around his dick in orgasm and spilt all over his manhood.The way he looked at me~ his eyes full of lust and hunger.I wanted to please him.Over and over again.But I soon learned that I did when I heard him call out my name and watch him reach his high.


Was I fantasising about Ethan for 10 minutes?Damn..the things he does to me.I pulled my hair up in a messy bun,threw on some shorts and a hoodie and headed out to my car.I was going to in and out for a milkshake that I was craving,they're great there.I turned on the radio and put my black sunglasses on as i started the ignition of the car.I drove around to the drive through and got ready to place my order when I noticed a sign that read "CLOSED-ORDER FROM INSIDE"I sighed and reversed out of the lane.I hope its not packed inside.I pulled into the parking lot and collected my purse and keys.Lets make this a quickie.

It was fairly empty,I mean its kinda early.I waited in line and stood behind some guy with music booming out of his headphones,great.He stepped back to let an old women pass with her food but sure enough stepped on my foot."Ouch"I whispered under my breath.Immediately he turned around and held onto my shoulders tightly.It was Grayson.He apologised and offered for me to skip the line,which of course i accepted,i mean i wanted to get outta there fast.I made my way to the cashier and ordered an extra thick,regular oreo milkshake.That was the moment I felt eyes burning into my soul.Grayson.I removed my glasses and used it as a reflection to see if he was staring at my ass,which sure enough he was doing.Grayson+my ass = not a good mix.Ethan+my ass=a great mix.As i waited for my order,I contemplated what i should do:

option 1:confront him and go full bitch mode

option 2:do nothing and be a basic bitch

option 3:tease him and if he tries anything throw all my shitty bitchy problems at him.

option 1 seems a bit mad, i mean i don't wanna get banned i love this place.Option 2 is an option but too boring.Option 3 it is!I purposely dropped my keys and bent over to get them(i'm pretty sure half of my ass came out of my shorts in that moment).I heard him groan and shuffle a bit.Next i bent over the edge of the counter and retrieved a straw.I picked up my drink and slowly began sucking the straw.This is fun.He coughed and tried to look away but i zoomed ahead of him and strolled towards my car.I sat down and put my seatbelt on.Once i began slurping on my milkshake,i started the ignition.3 knocks banged on my window and i jumped at the sound.Causing my precious milkshake to spill all over me,it was fucking cold too.I turned and mouthed the words"What do you want?"He winked and opened my door which i forgot to lock.Shit.

I frowned and reached for the handle-that's when he pulled me out.I pushed him aside and made my way back inside when he sat down first and put me on his lap and closed the door.I was literally frozen.What was going on?He licked the milkshake off of my neck and that crossed the line.I elbowed him and poured the rest of my milkshake on his head.Oops.I dashed out of the car and threw my hoodie on the floor.Fucking hell that milkshake was cold.Luckily I was wearing a vest underneath.I pulled Grayson out and his eyes dropped straight to my chest.I looked down and realised that Ethan had left hundreds of hickeys there.Shit.I pushed him aside and sped off.That was a nice hoodie too.And an even better milkshake.Wasted..

As soon as I got home I began going over the speech.I was done by 12.My mom was coming home from her business trip today at 5.Thank god.I missed her so much,i was forgetting to clean up and even have dinner.Shit!I need to clean up,i mean Emma left cheetos everywhere and Jessica made about 50 cups of coffee.I began cleaning up and realised that I was gonna see Ethan tomorrow.Should I tell him about what happened with Grayson?Meh.Maybe later.It took me 2 hours to clean the house,if i didn't get it cleaned up,my mom would've killed me.She's a neat freak.I did my homework and headed out to Jessica's since she lives 5 minutes away.I rang the door bell~no answer.I knocked on the door~no answer.I listened in and heard faint moaning and the echo of"Matthew"i chuckled to myself and made my way to Emma's.

Her house was huge and on the other side of town,it's a 30 minute walk~ugh.I rang the doorbell and an older women with obvious lip injections and a boob job opened the door,i mean her nipples were poking out at me."Hey,is Emma home?"I smiled at her."no sweetie she went out with someone called James for lunch,"i can tell she tried smiling,but her botox got in her way."Well,um let her know i stopped by"she grinned and shrieked" Yuss of course sugar"I turned on my heel and stopped at star bucks to pick up some lunch~a sandwich and a caramel,cream based frappuchino~yum.I ate it there and walked back home,god i was tired.


I called my mom and asked if she had landed yet,she was on her way.I ran a hot bath and began texting Ethan

"Hey babe"

"hey princess,how are you?"

"Good how about you"

"Bored"a grin crept on my face

"Go study,we have the presentation tomorrow"

"I would rather talk to you and besides i know it all"


"I swear!"

"Anyway, princess.What are you wearing?"i choked for a second at his words and chuckled.

I looked down to see i was naked,i mean i was getting ready for a bath.I thought it would be funny to joke around with him at first

"A bin bag"

"Oh..stop lying or you're gonna have to suffer the consequences"

"whatever big man"this made him laugh until he sounded like he was having an uncontrollable seizure.

"I'm naked.."

There was a long pause, but after about 10 seconds i could  hear little gasps coming from the phone.He was fucking jerking off."ETHAN!"his phone dropped followed by a couple cuss words."Sorry babe"i giggled and slapped my hand against my forehead.I locked the door and climbed into the bath,with the phone still in my hand."Babe, i wanna be inside of you right now"he groaned,his voice was raspy and rough which turned me on.I accidently let out a little moan which i instantly regret,because he now knew what he did to me."I want my hard, thick,thirsty dick to fuck you senseless over and over again""You would like that would'nt you my little slut?" "for me to suck on your wet pussy"I bit my lip to try and prevent the moans from escaping my mouth."When i see you tomorrow,i'm going to bend you over my kitchen counter and fuck your brains out,doggy style.No mercy"

"My thick,long,hard cock pounding into the walls of your tight,wet,thirsty pussy"I whimpered helplessly into the phone,"touch yourself for me babe,my dick is so hard for you right now"he groaned.I began slowly rubbing up and down my clit which sent spasms through my body,i was so close already."Imagine me pounding against your soaking wet pussy,sucking hard on your neck until you cum all over my cock."I moaned his name as i plunged 2 fingers into my pussy~which was soaking,like he said it would be.Ethan moaned and our orgasms shot through the both of us.


"Honey I'm home!"my mom called out from downstairs~ugh.





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