Ethan's secret

so this is my first story ever:
imagine you fall in love with the high school heart throb,Ethan Dolan..
But what you soon discover after is that he wants more than that,but will you end up falling for his games or will you finally learn what true love is?




Ethans pov:

Jasmine always has to leave,but i like the mystery about her.Maybe she doesn't want me to take her virginity.I think i'm starting to have feelings for her,but what if she doesn't like me back?

Jasmines pov:

He must think i'm crazy for leaving like that...again.We were so close to actually doing it yesterday,imagine what it would have made us.Today i'm gonna spend they dayth the girls and hopefully get some advice.I had texted them earlier on today so they should be here any minute now.I got changed and sat on the couch flicking


through tv channels when I heard a knock on the door.I went to open it but to my surprise it was Grayson.

"Hey,Ethan seems really happy what did you do to him?"ummm what the hell?

"Nothing..Is everything okay?

"Yeah never mind,enjoy your evening"he winked and turned on his heel to leave  when Emma and Jessica zoomed past him and laid all their snacks on the table.

Emma went straight to the tv and put on friends whilst jessica began choking down a hand full of skittles.I sighed and closed the door when i realised i would have to go later on to his house today or tomorrow,the assignment is due in 2days.Shit then.I opened up my textbook and began making notes on the topic and typing it up on the computer."KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK"three distinct knocks at the door had shot through the room.Emma was asleep on the couch whilst Jessica's headphones were in ~she was face timing Matthew.I opened the door and found Ethan on the other side with a bouquet of roses and his rucksack in the other hand. He rubbed his jaw and gave a weak smile.I smiled back and ushered him inside."Um,these are for you"his hand was shaking as he handed me the flowers, I reached up on my tiptoes and pecked his cheek"Thank you"we both blushed as we realised Jessica and Emma were both staring wide eyed in our direction with cheeky grins spread across their faces.I randomly let out a little giggle and put the flowers on the kitchen island (which by the way was flooded with snacks).

"so the project is due in two days,should we get some work done?"Ethan chuckled

"I was thinking the same thing,um set up upstairs,I'll be up soon"I turned back to the girls who were about to burst.

Ethan made his way upstairs and i took some snacks and my laptop from the counter and winked at the girls.As soon as i reached my room,i threw the stuff on the floor and put on a random playlist.Ethan was lying on his belly reading a textbook whilst I was typing up his notes on to the computer.5 minutes in,it was dead silent, only the soft melodies of the music floating through the room.Until i shoved a handful of popcorn into my mouth.He looked over and reached for the bag, so i threw it towards him which was a bad idea because the popcorn inside the bag flew everywhere.He caught one in his mouth and put his hand up for a high five,I went over to clean up the mess but he pulled me into into him"You rejected my high five"i laughed and lightly smacked his face.Shit was about to go down.He gasped and flipped me over to smack my butt when i stood up"Oh hell nah" I walked back over to my laptop and  projected it onto the TV."Okay we need to practice how we are going   present it."He nodded and stood by the TV and began talking about the project.I soon found myself lost in his eyes as he started "Now ill pass you onto jasmine"he coughed and I jumped up"Um well,you see the number of figure one is"I sighed "Ethan,i'm not gonna be able to say this to the whole class,I'm too nervous,"he squeezed my hand,"Well figure one is significantly larger and capable of holding a larger quantity"he smiled and hugged my really tight,which felt amazing~oh god i'm a creep. 

"Good job,then i can just wrap it up from there"

"Thanks"he was so sweet,he knew i wasn't confident so he tried to make me comfortable.

We had finished the project.We had finished practising.But he was still hugging me."Hey,Eth"he just moaned and took in my scent,"Did you just sniff me?"i could feel his mouth grow into a smile against my neck,"Mhm"i tried to pull away he pushed me towards the wall-and fast.Our lips smashed together.He bit my bottom for entrance and i let him in,our tongues exploring each other's mouths."Jump,"he whispered,his breath hot against my neck.I obeyed him and he wrapped my legs around his thick,firm torso.His hair flipped forward making it look messy~which was hella hot by the way.I ran my fingers through his hair and gripped the strands,pulling him towards my chest.I threw my jumper halfway across the room and rocked against him.He pulled his off too in one swift motion,revealing his toned chest and abs.Ethan unclipped my bra and my breasts fell onto his chest,causing him to groan even more.I rubbed against him to tease him,making him even more desperate in his kisses.He moved his mouth to my breasts and began laying hickeys all over them,causing electricity to run through my whole body and moan"Etha..n"

He laid us on the bed and slowly removed my leggins and lace panties with his teeth.I palmed him and unzipped his jeans,making his boner visible through his boxers,"I hope your'e ready for me as much as i am for you princess"he panted.

He flipped me over so i was on all fours which took me by surprise.I arched my back and flipped my hair to the side.His throbbing length slid into me without warning,hurting a little at first because of the immense size but then i felt an overwhelming feeling of pleasure shoot through my body."Let me know if i'm hurting you or if you wanna stop"I nodded and moaned,giving him the heads up.He began thrusting into me with such power after each thrust i moaned helplessly.I tried to bite my lip to contain the moans but they would just get louder.His moans were deep and that only turned me on even more.He dug his nails into my waist and picked up the pace,making our skin slap together.As i was close to reaching my high,his thumb began circling my clit lightly making my orgasm explode into me and forcing me to shout out ethan over and over again.He pulled out and a warm, thick liquid spilt all over my back.He laid down by me and began bringing me into his warm embrace.My eyes fluttered shut and he must've thought i was sleeping when he said"I love you,jasmine"

"I love you too,Ethan"



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