Bjorn and Torvi

Bjorn and Torvi are two young teens who never expected marriage at the age 18 but they will have to learn to live with it for they are Vikings.


6. Torvi tells Bjorn she's a shield maiden

Chapter 6:

Torvi POV

Bjorn: That's great Torvi.

Fine you don't have to accept it! (Torvi did not really hear exactly what Bjorn said.)

Bjorn: Torvi?

It helps me feel free ok Bjorn!

Bjorn: Torvi! I said that was great and I meant it women deserve to make there own decisions especially you Torvi.

Oh...sorry Bjorn it's just every man I've told this to just laughed and never talked to me again.

Bjorn: Well I would never do that.

Torvi: Thank you Bjorn that means a lot to me.

Bjorn: So how many guys have you talked to? As in talked to I mean boyfriends.

Um... Well none my father has always wanted me to stay pure till marriage how about you Bjorn?

Bjorn: Um well like 10 or 12.

Oh well good for you Torvi said irritated then she started walking away.

Bjorn: Torvi wait I was just kidding I'm sorry!

Then Bjorn how about you actually tell me this time!

Bjorn: Ok ok to be honest none I was to busy training to have an actual girlfriend.

After that there tour was silent and awkward so Torvi decided that was enough of a tour and they started walking back to there fathers.

Authors note

People please comment what you think will happen next I'm running out of ideas I can see that you guys are reading so just take one more second to comment.

Fine I guess you don't want me to finish the story.

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