Bjorn and Torvi

Bjorn and Torvi are two young teens who never expected marriage at the age 18 but they will have to learn to live with it for they are Vikings.


4. Torvi and Bjorn's first encounter

Chapter 4:

Bjorn Pov

It was a long journey to Norway but we finally made it I'm still a little mad at my fadir for making me marry but not as much as before. As we were getting off the boat I spotted modir and I ran to her open arms. Modir! I'm so happy to see you! But all that happiness went away when I saw him my horrific bastard of a stepfather. Modir why is he here! "Nice to see you to Bjorn" My stepfather said. Our little quarrel ended when I saw the most beautiful girl and here father approaching my father and I who was now behind me.

Earl Sigvard: Hello Ragnar nice to see you again.

Father: You too Sigvard, this is my son bjorn.

Earl Sigvard: Hello Bjorn this my daughter Torvi.

My father nudged me and whispered "say hello". (Sometimes my father still treats me like a child.)

Me: Hello Torvi it is nice to meet you.

Torvi: It's nice to meet you too Bjorn thank you for coming.

Sigvard: Torvi how about you take Bjorn for a walk and show him around our home.

Torvi: Yes fadir, come Bjorn I'll show you around our home.

Torvi was so beautiful with long blond hair and a curvy body and everything else was beautiful too it was almost like she was perfect. I was happy I was gonna have some time alone with Torvi to get to know her. For Torvi might me my future wife.

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