Bjorn and Torvi

Bjorn and Torvi are two young teens who never expected marriage at the age 18 but they will have to learn to live with it for they are Vikings.


3. The News


(Present day)

Oh no! It's already sunrise I have training this morning. I'm already late! Father and My uncle Rollo are gonna hang me and throw me to the dogs if I don't get there on time. I quickly got out of bed and got ready. I didn't have to do much so I just grabbed clothes off the floor, then I ruffled my dirty blond hair into place, and then put on my boots. I ran out to meet my uncle and father at the place where I was told to meet them for training. As I got there my uncle looked furious. He started yelling and saying, " See Ragnar I knew this boy was gonna be late he always is! " While my uncle was yelling the whole time my father had this smile plastered on his face. Father why are you so happy? "Because Bjorn I have something planned for tonight that will teach you a lesson." I don't know what my father meant by that but I knew I wasn't gonna like it.


Bjorn was walking back from training to his room when a servant called out to him and started running towards him. "Master Bjorn your father wishes to speak to you." Bjorn always hated to be called master by the servants because it made him feel bad and guilty. Bjorn quickly walked to his fathers throne room. As he entered he saw his father make a gesture for him to sit so he did. His father began to tell him what he wanted to say. "Bjorn you know you are at the age where you are suppose to be getting married right?" Bjorn out of curiosity answered yes why? "Well our allies from Norway have invited us to Earl Sigvard daughters coming of age party and we're going, there I will pick a wife for you." Bjorn started to argue but was shut down by his father saying your mother will be there after that there was no point in arguing he desperately wanted to see his mother. Bjorn angrily walked out of his fathers throne room.


Why would my father do this?! I can't believe he would make me marry. Well I knew I was gonna have to get married soon but I Always thought that I would get married for love. I thought wrong I can never have what I want it's always about making the kingdom stronger. At least I'll see my mother there hopefully I won't have to see my horrid stepfather. Well I better get ready for the long journey ahead.

Authors note

If you want me to keep going comment below please.

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