Me, My Death, and I

Illya Nelson and her brother, Riley Nelson are desperately trying to live a normal life despite their flaw of being non-human. It wouldn't have been so bad if they were actually able to be seen or heard of. That's when Illya meets Tyler Lee, a boy with the special ability to communicate with the dead, although, he claims it to be schizophrenia. But there's more to know about this boy and his family...

Becoming a Ghost is the first step in the "afterlife", a trial. Once found peace, your form would turn into a Spirit, the form in which you can live the rest of eternity in utter peace.

A group of humans who believe that Ghosts exist and blame everything damned and evil on them, are trying to seize as many as they can get their hands on and either experiment or execute them from their last chance for eternal happiness.

Would the two siblings be able to find peace before getting caught?

"A tale of death, family, and love," ~ IxC


2. Talent




          I awoke to a pain on my forehead and snapped my eyes opened, my dark brown orbs glazed with anger to the one who woke me up. A few seconds passed when I relaxed and exhaled, finally realizing that it was my brother that woke me up like he always does nowadays. Even if this is a daily routine, it doesn't mean that I'm used to it.... yet.

        "You know, there is a nicer way to wake up someone without flicking them on the head," I muttered while rubbing the fading pain away.

        My brother ignored me and spun around on the spot, and then stopped when he made three whole spins. He then revealed that he had a huge idiotic smile on him. "Illya, I did it!"

        He then sprinted off, leaving me a bit confused as I saw him turn around a corner and disappeared. Sighing, I got up from the cold hard ground and sat cross-legged. I gazed around our home and my nose scrunched up. Well, I guess you could call it our home. But to be exact, it was actually a train tunnel. The ceiling was arched with the walls grimy with mold starting to grow on it. The railings looked new but it also looked very brittle. It would've been great if there was light, but sadly, there wasn't any as the lights were long from being on for quite some time now. It made sense since it was abandoned. 

        After a few more moments, Riley came back from around the corner which he disappeared a few moments back. As he was making his way towards me, I see him carrying a huge concrete block in his arms. Smiling, I wondered how he could lift something a normal eleven-year-old couldn't carry, but then it would hit me back once more that he wasn't a normal kid and neither was I.  

        There are people in this world that think vampires and werewolves exist. Basically thinking that the supernatural roam around in this world and all we have to do is to find them. There is no known hard evidence to support the evidence that these supernatural creatures are even real.

        But I can tell you this: ghosts do exist.

        I may sound crazy for saying supernatural creatures don’t exist yet at the end I state that ghosts do You can assure yourself that ghosts roam around in this world like humans and I have evidence. Huh, the evidence? Me.

        I’m a ghost. Not only me but also my little brother is one. When I was still alive, I would brush off the thought that ghosts even exists but I got second thoughts on that when I turned into one myself. Now you must be thinking: if both I and my brother are ghosts, does that mean we’re… dead? And the answer to that is: Yes, we’re dead.

        In this world where we’re all living in, both the dead and living live together in harmony. Or so I wish that was the case. In truth, the living despises the dead, secretly hunting down ghosts they find. Humans blame us ghosts for everything that goes wrong and think that if all of us were gone, the world would be a safer and happier place. I say bullshit to all of that.

        There are two types of the dead: there are Ghosts and there are Spirits.

        Ghosts are what I and my brother are. Everyone who dies, first become a Ghost and remains in the world as Ghosts until they can finally rest in peace properly and become Spirits.

        So just what is the difference between a Ghost and a Spirit? A normal human being would just say that there is none, yet there is.

        All humans that die become Ghosts first. Animals? They just reincarnate into plants or some other living life form that is nonhuman. Ghosts are basically a race of invisible people. No joke. I and my brother can touch both inanimate and animate objects and they can 'touch' us. The only thing is that we can hear what people say like any normal human can but the living can't hear us (mostly humans who are older than the age of six. Strange, isn't it? For sure many ghost shows say that the ghosts can communicate with us with some sort of call or sentence, but that's all false. The only way we could communicate with them is through touch like slamming a door shut or turning on the television. 

        Not saying that there aren't people who can actually communicate to us like normal breathing human beings without realizing what we really are. Sadly, I don't have the luck to bump into the few that have that ability. 

        So yes, now you know all about Ghosts as much as I do. But what I didn't know was that there were lots more information about both the dead and living that can both horrify me into feeling like crawling into a pit and stay there.

        Boom. The loud thud snapped me out of my thoughts as the concrete brick was now right on the ground in front of me. Glaring at the gray rectangular solid, I looked up to my goofy smiling little brother. "Don't tell me you-"

        I was then interrupted by a small hand right in front of my face. "Stop talking! No talking. Just... watch, 'kay?" he then gave me a pair of intense puppy dog eyes which made me sigh even more. "Fine, fine."

        With a deep breath, he closed his eyes and kept chanting 'I can do it. I can do it' with his hands clapped together as if he was meditating, which I think he was.

         You can automatically tell Riley and I are siblings given the fact that we both had dark brown hair with an even darker shade of brown for or eyes. So dark that with the right lighting, you would think our eyes were completely black. He was small for an eleven-year-old and is one of the weirdest kids I've known in my whole entire life but he has his moments. 

        After a minute or so, he suddenly snapped his eyes wide opened, shaped his mouth to be in an oval gap shape, and made a cry along with the facial expression impression of Bruce Lee. "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiyaaaaaa!!!" Swinging his arm down, he aimed right down for the concrete block. 

        "Wait!" I yelled, suddenly realizing what was happening. "Riley, you're going to hurt yourself!" I didn't think he would be swinging his arm down so hard. Sure we're dead, but that doesn't mean that we don't feel pain. We feel pain, duh. It's just that we don't bleed or die... again. Trust me, I experienced it. The pain was more internally on the inside. That's one of the few downsides to being a Ghost; feeling pain when it's virtually not there, it's almost like torture. Guess not even the dead can have peace. At least, not the first stage of being dead that is. 

        As I was reaching out my hand for him to stop it was too late, he landed his hand on the block and... his hand went through it? I blinked my eyes several times before staring at the concrete block then to his grinning face.

        "See? See? I did it!" he yelled triumphantly. 

        Slowly, I grasped the block with both hands and move them away from the original spot to find my brother's hand there instead. "W-what?" 

        "That's not all," he announced and got up. Jumping up, he sprinted towards the nearest wall and ran straight into it and he disappeared. A second later, he reappeared. He then began to stick his hand inside and out of the wall while using his other hand to point to the scene and nodded. "See???"

        "I see, I see," I nodded like a triggered bobble head and went over to him, and gulped. "Riley... you did it."

        Now, being a Ghost is a pain in the ass in my opinion. You would think that being a ghost means you can pass through objects willingly and all that but the truth is that it takes talent to do that or it just gradually comes to you with practice. Being able to have this talent makes it easy to slip away from the humans or the 'bullies' from what my brother nicknamed them. We met several other Ghosts but they all said that it took them a century almost or more to gain that talent fully. I knew my brother was a special kid but I didn't think that he had it in him to gain this within less than two years. 

        But seeing him being able to pass through objects willingly tells me that he can be safe. My only relative I have in contact with can be safe and live his afterlife in safety. I gave a smile to him but the thought that I would one day probably be captured reoccurred though I pushed that thought out of my mind as I saw Riley spinning around in circles and hit the concrete block by accident and cried out in pain. 

        "C'mon, Riley," I called out to him while laughing at him as he was now jumping around in circles with his injured foot in both his hands. "It's time for school."

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