Me, My Death, and I

Illya Nelson and her brother, Riley Nelson are desperately trying to live a normal life despite their flaw of being non-human. It wouldn't have been so bad if they were actually able to be seen or heard of. That's when Illya meets Tyler Lee, a boy with the special ability to communicate with the dead, although, he claims it to be schizophrenia. But there's more to know about this boy and his family...

Becoming a Ghost is the first step in the "afterlife", a trial. Once found peace, your form would turn into a Spirit, the form in which you can live the rest of eternity in utter peace.

A group of humans who believe that Ghosts exist and blame everything damned and evil on them, are trying to seize as many as they can get their hands on and either experiment or execute them from their last chance for eternal happiness.

Would the two siblings be able to find peace before getting caught?

"A tale of death, family, and love," ~ IxC


3. New Kid




        School. As what every cliche story would make it seem to be, "it's horrible." Well sad to say, this isn't one of those schools. It's fairly normal, to generalize what this school is all about. Of course, when you put a bunch of still growing teens in one building, groups (or "cliques") are going to form; people are going to be left out. Coincidentally, I was one of them. No, no, you mistook what I said. I was one of them... the people who're left out. In my defense, I am well, dead. Pretty sure that's a complete turn-off to anyone unless you have some weird fetish, that just means you need to see a psychiatrist.

        Even if there's no purpose for either me or Riley to be attending to school, we felt that if we did, it could keep us sane. Living by no rules can be quite scary and I didn't want my little brother to turn into something I didn't necessarily approve of. Thankfully, he enjoys going to school since it would mean he could be with kids around his age. Myself? I have all the time in the world to play around, but I wanted to attend the school that I was going to go to when I was still alive. I wanted to know what my classmates and teachers were going to be like. Besides, it's better than being in that tunnel all day. 

        Entering my first-period class, I stood at the back corner and waited for everyone in my classroom to come pouring in and sit in their seats. Good, everyone was here, meaning that no one would dare sit in the one empty desk in the classroom. Sliding into the seat with ease, not making a single peep, I settled my backpack onto the floor and began to take out my school supplies. No worries, no one saw school supplies miraculously floating in the air.

        When I died, I had my backpack on. Anything that was in your possession the moment your last breath was taken away would apparently appear and stick with you. The more pages I used in my notebook, the less I feel like I'm actually writing. I'm not really sure how these ghost supplies really work but it made carrying them fairly easy. The best thing, though, my phone never has to run out of batteries. Oh, the joy of it. Okay, it's more like I can only access what I already downloaded on my phone before my death but it was better than nothing. Maybe there was a way to download more...

        "Hey, did you hear? There's a new student coming to school today," Lin said, her perfectly applied makeup showing off into the light once again. 

        "Hope it's a hot girl!" one of the fuck-boys (Oh so pardon my language-- Not) howled into the air and slammed the side of his chair as if he just made a hilarious joke, for the umpteenth time since the start of the school year.

        "Hey, hey, I hope it won't be the last newbie. DEAD." A collection of giggles and loud laughter erupted from that comment. 

        I gripped my shirt tightly at that, my jaw set hard. Ever since my death and appearing to school in this form, I've heard of people using my death as a sort of bad omen or just a lame joke. Was death really something people like to joke about? Not even when I was alive did I think of that, at least, didn't want to joke about the dead, especially about someone I never knew about.

        "Alright class, settle down!" Seems like Mr. Tanner finally arrived to class. "Everyone, as you all know, we have a new student in school today. Why don't you come in Mr. Lee?"

        Excited whispers made their way into the classroom, which calmed the tightness that was overwhelming my body. Setting my eyes on the front of the classroom, I see a lanky tall male shuffle uneasily into the classroom. 

        "Class, this is Mr. Lee."

        "Tyler..." a soft foreign voice spoke. 

        "Excuse me?" asked the teacher. 

        "U-um..." he began to fiddle with the fabric of his clothing, clearly uncomfortable with the attention being showered on him. The long period of silence seemed to take a toll on him because he spoke once again. "My name is Tyler. Tyler Lee."

        The other students in the class exchanged glances to one another when one yelled, "Hey, are you Korean?"

        "N-no," he replied, keeping his eye on the ground. 

        "Yeah, but isn't Lee a Korean surname?"

        "Stupid, it can be a Chinese surname too or a southern American surname," Lin corrected, sticking her nose high into the air. 

        "RACIST!" the same fuck-boy from earlier yelled. His friends made some sound effects. 

        "I'm biracial," Tyler spoke with a bit more confidence now. 

        Silence fell over as it settled in. 

        "Alright, we can all have fun outside of my classroom. Now, there's a free seat at the back there. Welcome to Wichcoft Secondary school, Tyler Lee," the teacher lightly patted on the boy's shoulders to which his reaction was to stumble a bit forward. 

        "Huh, cute," I admitted out loud. This awkward personality was something I always took an interest in people, either male or female. Especially for males since it's just so darn cute. Most girls like hot guys, I like cute awkward guys. Was I weird to have that kind of preference? Anyways, he seems like someone I can spend the day stalking... I mean, observe... "Learn more about", yeah, let's go with that. 

        When he recovered from that stumble, he brushed aside his black obsidian bangs away from his eyes and looked directly to where I was sitting then back to the teacher. He seemed to want to say something but he proceeded to the back of the room instead. 

        Oh right, "I" was the empty seat. Sighing out in annoyance, I collected my belongings, stuffed them into my backpack and quietly got off the seat without moving the chair. There weren't any more chairs to sit on so I just walked a few feet to the closest corner, wasn't that far from the place where I originally sat since the desk is the closest to that corner. Plopping down, I leaned my head back on the wall and peered at the newbie sitting down. 

        The class wasn't anything that interesting, well, it IS English class. The subject I personally don't need to use my brain much at all. A few times, I would catch the boy glance back to my corner. 'Maybe he has a strange habit or something...' Halfway through the class, the boy then seemed to drop his pen. He bent down to pick it up and in a blink of an eye, he flicked a white object towards me. It landed a few inches from where I was. 

        This boy... what was up with him? I stared at the object and noticed that it was a folded up piece of paper, folded up to the point where it can't be folded anymore. Tempted to pick it up, I stopped myself. Not right now, if I were to open it up right there, there would be a chance someone would see a piece of paper floating in the air. That's not necessarily a good thing. 

        .        .        .

        Waiting for everyone to exit the classroom, I swiftly opened up the piece of paper quickly and stared at the words that were written on it. I couldn't possibly keep this with me since you know, the whole "OMG, THERE'S A PAPER FLOATING IN THE AIR" deal and all that. Quickly taking out my phone, I took a picture of it and folded it back up to the state it was in a few minutes ago and advanced out of the classroom. 

        Walking in the halls wasn't as bad as some would think it would be. The period between classes are the busiest time in the whole day, many people walk up and down these halls. Me bumping into people wouldn't really trigger anyone off since they would just think the person beside them did that. 

        Arriving at my French class, I realize that the door was already closed. "Mother of pearls..." I couldn't possibly go into the classroom now. Turning around with the balls of my feet, I immediately come face to face with Tyler. My brown eyes widened at his sudden appearance and I muttered a silent apology. Not that he could hear it. 

        "It's okay," a reply came from him and that made me back up from him a bit. He quietly swore. "Crap, I'm saying sorry to an imaginary being again. Maybe the medication isn't working..."

        "Medication?" I slowly repeated to which he nodded. 

        "Yeah, medication so I can stop being insane and talk to a girl that my head magically made up."

        Moving to the side so I wasn't in front of the classroom floor, I grabbed his hand and motioned him to move a meter away or so. "You can... see me?" 

        "Um, yeah?" he said as if it was obvious. 

        "And wait, you're not surprised I touched you?" 

        "Why would I be?"

        My shoulders dropped in relief and I broke out into a smile. "Oh gods, you have no idea how long it's been that an actual human being is able to see and hear me. I-I can't believe this." Suddenly have even more interest in the boy, I grabbed him by the shoulders. "Have you seen two people who look vaguely like me? A male and female. The female wears a jade bracelet." If he can see me, it must surely mean he's seen my mother and father somewhere. 

        Instead, he took my hands off of him and he furrowed his eyebrows together. "I really need to talk to my father about this. It's getting out of control."

        "Out of control?" I spoke to him like he was a madman. "Why would having the ability to talk to the dead be bad?"

        "The... dead? What are you talking about?" Looking into his eyes, he really was genuinely confused. Tyler then shook his head. "The schizophrenia part of my mind really is taking over... evolving even." 

        "Schizo... prenia?" 

        The male kept on muttering about needing to talk to his father about it and needing to avoid images as he entered into French class.


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