Me, My Death, and I

Illya Nelson and her brother, Riley Nelson are desperately trying to live a normal life despite their flaw of being non-human. It wouldn't have been so bad if they were actually able to be seen or heard of. That's when Illya meets Tyler Lee, a boy with the special ability to communicate with the dead, although, he claims it to be schizophrenia. But there's more to know about this boy and his family...

Becoming a Ghost is the first step in the "afterlife", a trial. Once found peace, your form would turn into a Spirit, the form in which you can live the rest of eternity in utter peace.

A group of humans who believe that Ghosts exist and blame everything damned and evil on them, are trying to seize as many as they can get their hands on and either experiment or execute them from their last chance for eternal happiness.

Would the two siblings be able to find peace before getting caught?

"A tale of death, family, and love," ~ IxC


1. Illya - Prologue




        "Red was the only colour I remember vaguely seeing that day."

        .     .     . 

        "Riley, hurry up!" I quickly ordered, shoving my little brother out of the door.

        "W-wait! I forgot my backpack!" he panicked and tried to get out of my grip.

        Sighing, I let him go and gave him a look. "Fine, just... Hurry up!" Without a second to lose, he darted back into the house with a yelp. "Oh, and remember to lock the door on your way out!" I yelled and got a weak answer back from him.

        Shaking my head at his organization skills, I shouldered my backpack and strolled my way over to the car, hopping in the back seat.

        "Where's your little brother?" my mother asked me, turning her head back to see me clearly from the front seat.

        "Backpack," I answered with a casual wave after I buckled my seat belt on. "And he might be taking a piss too if you know what I mean." My mother gave me a disapproval nod but turned her head back to the front.

        "Illya..." my father said from behind the wheel when he saw Riley coming out of the house in a panic, locking the door on his way. "Are you ready for your first day of school as a sophomore?"

        Hearing that dreaded question, I stiffened up a bit but then sighed when I saw my dad trying to look at me in the mirror. "Sure. As ready as I can be," I lied. My dad kept on looking at me as if he knew that I was lying and opened up his mouth, about to say something else when Riley came rushing into the vehicle and slammed the car door shut.

        "Alright! Off we go!" he shouted triumphantly when he buckled his seat belt on.

        As my dad turned on the engine, I hear him ask the same question to my ten-year-old little brother. Giving another sigh, I put my headphones on and turn on my music on shuffle, looking out the window to see that the car was beginning to move out of the driveway. Examining our house before it was out of sight, I wished that it was a bit smaller. Even when I could barely see it at a distance at one point, it was still pretty much the largest house on the street. Heck, even the neighborhood. It's not that we're rich. Many people think we are but we aren't. My parents just saved up a lot of money after, what, sixteen years? Somewhere along the lines and got their dream house with a pair of not-so-perfect children.

        Closing my eyes, I tried to focus on the song lyrics that was pounding through my ears to drown out the annoying sound as to which I like to call 'Riley Nelson: my brother'. He kept on either blabbing on about how he can't wait to play some soccer or basketball with his friends or singing some stupid road songs off-tune. I don't know about my parents, but I'm pretty sure they find it pretty annoying too.

        As we stop at the first red light, I look at a car next to ours and then shot my gaze up to the sky when I realize the driver was smoking. That was when I realize that storm clouds were approaching. I rarely check the weather but from the looks of it, it seems as if we're going to get a pour. These last few days was pretty humid and sunny. Only natural to get rain later on. That's Canada for you.

        The car began to move again but I kept my eyes on the cloud, having a mental race with them in my mind. Seeing the dark clouds taking over the fluffy pure white ones kind of pained me but it was also how nature worked. How life works in general even. The dark sometimes consumes the light in people but in the end, light wins.

        Stopping at another light signal, the rain clouds finally gave in and down came the rain. Pitter patter went the rain and it was somehow soothing that I took out my headphones. My brother even stopped talking. He must have been mesmerized by the sudden pour too. That's when our car came to a screeching halt which made me bump my head on the back of my mom's seat. 

        "O-ow..." I mumbled while Riley repeated what I said but a lot more dramatic. "Aaahhh! Car crash?! Are we dead?! We're dead, aren't we?!! Then why do I feel pain?!?!?!" Annoyed, I composed myself and flicked his forehead which made him shut up.

        My dad swore and whacked the steering wheel by its side. "It seems like we took a wrong turn, kids."

        Confused, I looked outside and my eyes widened and unbuckled my seat belt. Scanning my eyes as much as the window could let me, I look through all four windows by then. Trees, trees, and more trees. The road we were on was made of dirt: a dirt road. 

        Sensing my distress almost, my mom brought out a map and examined it. "Hm... seems like we need to keep heading north." Furrowing my eyebrows at that, I looked over mom's shoulder at the map and mentally face palmed. "Uh... mom, it's upside down." She gave me a look that says 'who's the adult here?' but turned she turned it upright and looked at it again. "Oh. Rick, head south."

        Exhaling, I leaned back into my seat and buckled my seat belt back on until I felt a pain on my forehead and shot a glare at my brother who was sticking out his tongue. "Payback."

        Scoffing at his remark, the car made a U-turn and began to drive down the road once again. How does one get lost finding a new school for your own children? At this rate, it would've been better if I just walked to school and probably drag my brother with me also. Looking out the windows once again, I put my headphones back on but before I could turn up my music once again, I heard a scream. 

        A scream was what I heard. Whipping my head, I see my little brother squinting his eyes shut in an armadillo ball and I look through the mirrors of the car to see that I was the one screaming. The next thing I heard was the car honking loud and long, my dad was yelling out swear words but the car didn't stop on the slick dirt road. As time seem to slow down, I finally realize the car lights that were glowing brighter and brighter. But it wasn't our car lights. It was someone else's. And that someone was coming towards us at lightning speed, not slowing down one bit. 

        My mom gripped my father's arm and he swerved the car off the road to the left at the last second. Yelping at the force of the sudden swerve, I hit my head against the metal car door. Before I could think, another impact came and my body went forward, hitting the seat in front of me. The car then came to a halt. 

        A buzzing sound took over my hearing when I groaned and blinked rapidly, trying to gain consciousness. Feeling multiple pains on my head, I touch the spots and feel something wet and sticky. Removing my hand from my head, I notice that a red liquid was covering my hand now. I didn't have to think to know what it was. The metal smell; blood. Out of nowhere, I laughed. It wasn't a happy laugh, more like a horrified one. 

        "Mom... Dad?" I looked to the front seats as much as my restrained seatbelt would let me. 

        Red was all I see. The same colour that coated my hand. Blood was splattered all around the car, even the roof of it was tainted. My father was leaning on a now deflated air bag with his head turned in an inhumanely possible way. His eyes looked blank. My mother was no better. She had shards of glass from the front window in her skin which blood trickled down from. One went in her eye where it was oozing blood also. Looking between the two, my eyes fall down and I see that my mom still had a hold on my father's arm. Tears were overflowing my eyes at that grotesque scene and I covered my mouth with my hand to keep from screaming. A squeak was let out but my head still felt like it was somehow floating. I couldn't register this all in properly.

        Looking over to the seat next to me, I see my little brother. He didn't seem harmed as there was no blood on him but that doesn't mean that he wasn't injured internally. Forcing myself to unbuckle my seat belt, I went over to him and shook him lightly. "Riley, are you alive? Riley... Please, Riley..." he didn't answer as my shaking got more violent. At last, I couldn't stand it to know that even my only brother was dead and smacked him as hard as I can across the face. "RILEY, WAKE UP YOU STUPID IDIOT!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, tears dropping down on his curled up figure.

        Before I could literally break down right there, I heard a moan. Stopping, I stared at his face and notice that he was moving his facial features, now stirring. He's alive. Smiling brightly with choked back sobs, I  wrapped my arms around him and cradled his body into mine. That was before I heard the car door open and felt a stinging pain in my back. The pain then sort of subsided because of the adrenaline that I was still feeling right there that it felt sort of numb. But I felt my grip on my brother loosen and my eyes gave up to gravity.

        Red was the last colour I saw. 

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