Library Assistant •HS•

Florence has gotten a new job at her local library, to shelve books and straighten the chairs for ten dollars an hour.

On her first day of the job, she meets the library assistant, a beautiful, funny man named Harry Styles. The moment the two meet, a spark is hit, and they just can't seem to stop talking.

But Florence's ex, Ryan, is willing to do horrible things to Harry if it means getting Florence to stop talking to him and get her back, including murder.

Can Florence and Harry devise a plan to get Ryan behind bars? And will they find love on the way? Or will they forever be in the Just Friends stage?



3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I got home at four, after stoping for a coffee. My mom was waiting, with most of my family behind her. I could only groan as the cake was presented.

Mom was always one to overreact, but throwing a family party over my first job is a new one. I gladly ate the food, meatballs and rice; my favourite, but socializing with family was another thing entirely.

I loved my grandma, but having a thirty minute conversation about Mo, her cat, was mentally exhausting. After the long day, I just wanted to sleep, but mom insisted I stay until at least nine to talk to my family members.

I stuck it out until seven, when my grandpa started talking about Ryan. My mother went wide eyed as grandpa asked why he wasn't here. My throat constricted and I felt nauseous, and my mom finally let me go upstairs to sleep.

I heard my family leave around eight, with goodbye laughs and thanks-for-comings for ten minutes. I sadly went back down, avoiding my mom long enough to snatch a piece of ice cream cake. I scarfed it down and threw the plastic plate to the floor.

I laid down on my head, my head pounding. I needed sleep, but I couldn't stay still long enough for my body to relax. I was restless, thinking about Ryan, and what he did to me al those years, and I forced myself to go on Instagram to distract me.

After an hour of surfing, I got one of the creepiest thoughts ever; did Harry have Instagram? Feeling stalker-ish, I typed his name and couldn't help the happy feeling when his account popped up. I spent the next forty minutes looking at his pictures, which were really random. A few were of his Lego slippers, or a brick wall with no caption, or funny pictures of his shoes with labels on them. It was so weird, yet so cool.

I considered following him, but I didn't want to be that stalker. My name was FReal, because I made my account three years ago, so he wouldn't know it was me anyway.

Eventually I caved in and pressed the follow button. I got see and hope I wouldn't regret it. Finally I was tired enough to plug my phone in and lay down. Luckily, I feel asleep in only another thirty minutes.

Going to bed at midnight wasn't the best idea, but if done it enough times to know how to survive school. I trudged through the halls, bumping into other classmates who simply ignored me.

I huffed and made my way to math class, sitting down at the back like I always did. I half-listened to Mr. David's lesson on fractions and other important stuff, but my brain was too tired to write down any notes. I knew I'd pay for it later, but I could ask to borrow Natalie's notes like last time.

I stretched my fingertips, staring blankly at my hands until the bell rang for lunch. I walked to the cafeteria, grabbed whatever it was they had cooked, and sat down by myself, like I always did.

Then, a girl sat down in front of me, putting her tray on the table. "Hey, Florence, I'm Kay," Kay held out her hand, and I shook it. "I've never talked to you before, and I'm sorry, but the jocks are bugging me and I thought I'd sit with you."

I glanced at the jocks table, who were eying Kay creepily. I turned back around uneasily, then gave a small grin. "Hey, Kay, you're always welcome," I yawned.

"Tired? Me too! I spent all night talking to my bestie from Newfoundland, and she was totally in hysterics, and it was so weird because she had only dated the guy for three weeks but it was serious I guess and I don't know, what do you think?"

I listened to her ramble about her 'bestie' for the wheel lunch period, and I was starting to regret my offer. I finally detached from Kay, and quickly went to the bathroom to hide.

I sighed into my hands, wishing for sleep. I had to work from three to nine, but at least I got to see Harry. He had told me a really good knock knock joke before we left yesterday, and had promised another one today.

It was the only thing worth looking forward too.

Just as I got up to got to English, my phone buzzed in my pocket. I fished it out and checked the message.

HarryStools is following you.

I grinned and put my phone back in my pocket. I was happy for the rest of the day, and I quickly drove to work to hear my knock knock joke.

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