Library Assistant •HS•

Florence has gotten a new job at her local library, to shelve books and straighten the chairs for ten dollars an hour.

On her first day of the job, she meets the library assistant, a beautiful, funny man named Harry Styles. The moment the two meet, a spark is hit, and they just can't seem to stop talking.

But Florence's ex, Ryan, is willing to do horrible things to Harry if it means getting Florence to stop talking to him and get her back, including murder.

Can Florence and Harry devise a plan to get Ryan behind bars? And will they find love on the way? Or will they forever be in the Just Friends stage?



1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Ryan crept up beside me, his hands roaming my thin body. His breath hit my ear as he licked my cheek, gently biting the middle of it. I whimpered in pain, hearing Ryan's zipper undue. I closed my eyes and waited for the first hit. Ryan reared up then, and down flew his palm. I screamed and covered my face, scared for my-

I gasped and sprang up in my bed, panting heavily. I held my chest, and breathed to calm myself down. Closing my eyes, I waited for my heartbeat to slow, my body shaking slightly. With an inward sigh, I threw off my covers and slipped on my monkey slippers, smiling lightly as the ears flopped around when I walked.

I made my way to the bathroom, knocking to see if anybody was in there, then quickly went to the toilet. I flushed and washed my hands, using the time to clean my tried-looking face. I scrubbed on some lotion and waited for it to dry. After, I grabbed my makeup bag from under the sink and sat down on a stool, wondering how heavy I should go. Eventually, I decided middle-heavy, with dark mascara and hot pink lipstick. I tossed my hair around, then gave up. I combed a brush through it, then went to the kitchen for my cereal.

"Hey, sweetie," my mom said as I entered the kitchen, tossing pancakes on the little grill. I waved tiredly and plopped down on my seat at the table. My mom chuckled and shook her head, turning back to her cooking.

We sat in silence until she made a plate for me, filled with whipped topping and strawberries. I eyed it hungrily, and scarfed down the first one in less than a minute.

"Slow down, Florence!" My mother chastened. "You'll choke!"

I grumbled and ate my second one just as fast, my stomach aching for food. I finished off my third and licked the fork, slipping a spare strawberry into my mouth. I licked my lips and thanked my mom, then trudged upstairs to change.

I searched my closet and decided on a simple pair of blue jeans and a mans tank top that reached down to my knees. I used a tie to knot up the side so it hung at my waist, then replaced my slippers with a random pair of runners.

I stretched my limbs, hearing them crackle and pop as they woke up to the morning. I sighed and grabbed my phone, checking for any texts. But no, of course not, you'd need friends to get texts. I rolled my eyes at myself and shove sit in my bag, throwing in a notebook and a few pens.

Mom stopped me on the way to the front door, a grin from ear to ear. "My baby, off to her first job!" She shrilled, clapping excitingly.

"Chill, mom, it's just a library," I mumbled, groaning as mom pushed me in for a hug. She squeezed me tight, then turned serious.

"Remember, young lady, you have school tomorrow. If you want to graduate, don't waste time and come home on time. Okay?"


"Good." Mom gestures to the door. "Then I won't keep you late, go on now, Florence."

"Yes mom," I tried to keep my annoyed tone to a low level, and quickly walked out to my car. It was an old, rusty, barely working piece of junk, but it drove me places, so I was fine with it. The gas mileage was amazing, though.

The car jumped and squealed as I dove to the city library, anxiously anticipating my new job. I parked down the street and got out, my heart racing in my chest.

I opened the door and briskly walked inside, trying to have confidence. The air was warm and cozy, and I felt at home. I had been a book worm since I was a kid, and landing this job was a miracle.

I hesitantly made my way trough the small mass of people crowding the shelves. I looked around for Mrs. Anchovi, the woman who hired me, but I couldn't find her.

Suddenly I felt a hand tap my shoulder, and a deep voice ask if I was Florence.

"What?" I asked stupidly, turning around to face the husky voice. When I did, I froze and gaped at him.

He had long, curly hair that rolled over his shoulders, and the deepest green eyes I had ever seen. His smile was large and contagious, and his face was carved and detailed handsomely. He had a simple black shirt and jeans, but he looked amazing.

"Are you Florence?" He asked, grinning.

"Uh, yeah, I'm Florence. How did you know?" I asked, suddenly wary of this stranger.

"I'm the library assistant. I'm in for Mrs. Anchovi. She told me we had a newbie coming in today." He responded. I slacked and almost apologized, but stopped myself.

"How did you know it was me?" I asked, trying to make a joke.

His eyes crinkled on the sides as he smiled. "You just looked like a Florence."

"Oh," I said. I mentally smacked myself for being stupid, but Harry just laughed.

"I was instructed to show you the basics of shelving, if you'll follow me." He motioned with his hand to the shelves surrounded us, then made large steps with long legs over to the end. I bristly followed, suddenly happy about waking up so early for this.

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