Hell's Half Acre

Amy Silverwoods is on the run from her former father, Cyrus. She has powers that she cannot explain and a medical condition which is unusual. She must constantly keep moving, or risked being attacked. Cyrus will not stop until Amy is dead by his own hands. Follow Amy's journey over the lands and watch her meet new people and friends; and watch her adventure unfold as she travels all over Hell's Half Acre.


2. A New Scene

The train dropped Amy off at a more modernized station than the one she had left behind. The inside of the station glowed a dim orange and the marble floors that spanned a multitude of different patterns and designs made the fugitive's head spin. Grand chandeliers hung from the ceiling which must have been two stories high. Pillars and columns that looked like they should have been in ancient Rome stood tall and proud, holding up the massive building. Advertisements for beauty products and brand new trip packages boomed loudly on the amplified sound system, and flashed on screens that stood equal to the height of some men. A female voice over the loudspeaker announced arrivals of different trains, and people came out of the long hallway, each with their own schedule and life. 

People bustled about, going here and there. Chatter was everywhere. Some of the people were businessmen and women, dressed in fine clothing and carrying briefcases and jackets, talking about stocks and their schedules for the day. Others travelled as a family. A mother with two toddlers, one in a stroller and the other twin walking clumsily beside her. The woman's voice was gentle and kind to the children, and Amy could feel a pang in her heart. She forced herself not to cry, and continued to walk barefoot around the station, feeling out of place and alone, even though thousands of people rushed by her. A father with his teenage son walked by, absorbed into his music while his parent droned on, fixing the tie on the young man's neck, saying something about never getting hired if he had the attention of a goldfish. The boy looked back, watching the rough looking 17 year old girl gaze around, as if this was the very first train station she'd ever seen. Amy's eyes changed to a pretty Granny Smith green, and the beginnings of a smile tugged at her lips.  

She gripped her sketchbook tightly, walking around, trying to figure out how to get out of the twisting hallways and the loud sounds of the station. She didn't dare ask for help. A) She didn't want to be a bother, and B) she didn't want people recognizing her. Luckily, no one did, and she stepped out onto the stone side walk of the city. The first thing she noticed was the towering skyscrapers, seeming to touch the clouds and go on forever. The sun beat down on the city, making the side walks extremely hot, but Amy didn't know this yet as she was standing under an awning to the station, getting her bearings first before deciding which direction to walk. I never did like huge cities.. She lamented to herself, now finding out how hot the stone was as she took a few steps forward to read the name on the station she had left. 

Blackpine Valley Train Station.. Hmm.. I ended up in Blackpine Valley.. Amy thought to herself, alternating her feet on the ground due to the uncomfortable temperature the pavement was. That's so far from where.. where Pierce, Sterling and Sage are.. She said to herself sadly, turning around to face the busy street, before deciding to take shelter in an alleyway and come nightfall, trade one of her sketches for some money, so she could get herself a pair of flip-flops, which, at the cheap dollar store, only went for about a dollar twenty-five. Amy sighed and located a secluded alleyway, sighing as her feet touched something cold and resting her back against the red brick of the building. 

Amy opened her sketchbook to the picture she had sketched on the train, twirling the pencil around her fingers as she added a few more details to the tree, her eyes glowing with the Granny Smith colour. When she was satisfied how the drawing looked, she smiled and closed her sketchbook, walking with her head down to avoid eye contact. Amy found a populated area and she sat down on the scalding hot side walk and looked up as people of all ages and races passed her by.

"C-Come here!" She called, trying to make her timid, petrified voice sound stronger than it actually was, "S-Sketches! I-I h-have some sk-sketches for sale!" She didn't mean to stutter. She didn't normally do that, but ever since she'd been on the run from almost everyone she could think of, she wanted nothing to do with interactions. After about an hour of calling people over, one young woman finally approached.

This young woman looked to be two years Amy's senior. She had platinum blonde hair that fell past her shoulders and her bangs were parted to the right of her head. The light from the sun beating down on her head made her hair have the appearance of glowing gold. Her eyes shone like the deep ocean and Amy's reflection could be seen in the woman's blue orbs. The fugitive almost became envious of such beautiful eyes. The woman's skin tone was a light peach, tanned slightly by the warm rays of the afternoon. 

Her body was lean and athletic, built for speed and chases. She had a defined collarbone which stuck out from her minty green wind-breaker coat. Underneath, the woman wore a periwinkle blue tee shirt, the tail end of which was poking out from the bottom of the coat. The woman's legs were covered with a pair of dark blue, form fitting jeans, which gave the rather pretty young adult a curvy figure that suited her body shape favourably. She had well worn white running shoes on her feet, which Amy immediately became jealous of. If I had shoes like those, I could outrun him forever! She thought to herself, tilting her head at the teenage girl in front of her.

The woman spoke, with a voice that was smooth, like jazz and an authoritative tone that she probably didn't know she had. But the accent, a Louisiana accent which hit Amy close to home. "Well, let me see what you've got. Maybe I'll find something to hang in the home." Amy tried to steel herself against the accent, the same one that used to warm her heart. Images flashed of the adorable, chubby slime monster in her mind, and she forbade herself to tear up.

Fearfully, Amy handed the woman her prized sketchbook, watching extremely closely should the other girl take off with it. Thankfully, she didn't and she flipped through the book. She handed it back to the 17 year old and said, "Good gravy, you look beaten up. Why don't you come with me and let me buy you lunch?" She smiled, kneeling down in front of Amy. The fugitive didn't know what to say. Nobody had ever asked her to lunch before. 

It was a very long pause before Amy nodded. The woman helped Amy to her feet and she wrapped an arm around Amy's shoulder. "Now, you don't worry your pretty little face about nothing. You're safe now with me." The woman lead the fugitive to the nearest cafe and sat her down in the chair. She allowed Amy to order whatever she liked. Amy chose to eat a simple fruit salad. She looked up at the woman and smiled, her eyes slowly turning into a lovely sunset orange. 

Although this woman didn't look too threatening, the 17 year old took notice of something that was hanging around the woman's neck. The woman took notice and pulled out a shiny thing that was attached to a sort of wallet on a beaded metal chain. It looked to be a sort of crest, a golden crest with two pine trees with a river running through it. The river was a light, healthy blue and the tops of the trees were colored with a deep pine green. The woman flipped her hair back and handed the crest back to Amy. "Pretty isn't it? That there is my badge."

       "B-Badge?" Amy repeated, tracing the blue river with her right index finger. Suddenly, the pieces clicked, and clicked hard. The woman chuckled and took a sip of lemonade. 

       "That's right, darlin'. I'm a police officer. My name is Kaya. Kaya Matthews." 

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